Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vocal Science - S.V.O. (Search Voice Optimization)

Due to the high technological era we are living in, I had to learn a lot, not only about the "human computers" (figuratively speaking), but also about the actual computers. 
I have to note that I am old-school, so to speak, and when I was born in Russia (sometime ago, lol), we did not even have a rotary dial telephone or TV for that matter.
Now due to absolute necessity, I had to "indulge" myself into understanding about new technological devices such as high-tech smartphones and of course the computers with their websites including
newly launched of my own.  Little bit I knew...!

Since my old website was working for over 15 years quite flawslessly, I had no idea what was driving that website and how people were finding me (all of these years I had young computer geeks working for me).  I had to find out the hard way now, as the new website was looking pretty, but nobody could find it.  It took me a month of loss of business to realize that something is not going right.  I have discovered that the site doesn't consist of only the external looks to what the consumer and I see.  It consists of a certain internal substance which has to be updated and in a manner of speaking, beefed-up, and  regularly, nevertheless, optimized. 

Then, and only then, it will be found by numerous search engines and thus will be seen by all of my potential international clients.  All of this, up until just recently, was completely foreign to me.  However, by common opinion, I've always been called a very good teacher, which evidently goes hand-in-hand to being a very good student as well.  

While intensely working with one of my artists-to-be, I more and more clearly have been realizing that all of the speech and singing exercises (developed by me), are kicking in from internal sources (sub-conscious mind) out in the open. 

The more substance we are adding to the integration and synergy of the sub-conscious mind, conscious mind, physical body, and the actual voice as an outcome, the greater quality of the voice and the performance itself we are witnessing.  The comparison with search engine optimization, which the importance of I just newly discovered, came to me instantaneously, while to even my surprise, listening to my artist who has been possessing now a much better quality voice, much broader range, much better understanding and physical and emotional resupercation of the actual vocal performance as a whole.

 After teaching voice and producing artists for over 38 years, I one more time again confirmed for myself, that everything I do in preparation for the voice to work in its fullest capacity possible, is truly invaluable and contributes a great deal to the final outcome my artist and I are looking for.  We will continue adding the substance via speech and singing exercises, via discussions of the lyrical and musical content and its interpretation.  And then, we will apply the internal content sub-consciously and consciously onto the singing performance and "We Will Become the Champions" (incidentally the song "We Are the Champions" by Queen is now our icon for further vocal prosperity).

Thank you to S.V.O. for contributing to our success.

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