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Vocal Science, Voice Repairs and Relationships… How do they Correlate between each other?

Speech impediment. How to Improve, and Perhaps, Cure Light Stuttering.

Over the years, I have attended to quite a few people with various voice disorders, speaking and singing.

Interestingly enough, in the case of stuttering, in particular, singing could actually help to cure, or significantly minimize, this very annoying and unpleasant for the person and for the listener, disorder.

In fact, watching the recent American Idol episodes, you could see a young, quite good-looking, contestant singing perfectly, but stumbling upon (stuttering), each and every word.

It is quite a phenomenon, people might think.

In reality, it is not.

The Vocal Science ™ method, which I discovered, suggests that the speaking and singing sound should be placed and should come out off of the upper vocal chambers, (facial cavities) and not the vocal cords, at least, after the initial first syllable of the word is initiated.

The contestant in American Idol does it intuitively and experientially, but not knowing the science behind it. Therefore, it works for him when he is singing, b…

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