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Unlock Your Voice... And Take Away the "Golden Key" to Your Vocal Performance Success

One of my former students, who is, as we speak, becoming a well known artist, reconnected with me recently and this time, being signed with a label and having a manager and not like before, being a young girl who was just starting out when she came to me first.

Introducing me to her team, the manager and songwriter, she kept repeating over and over, "Diana had unlocked my voice. I want her to do it again."

Out of curiosity, both of her crew members had asked her what she meant by that.

She said, "My voice felt before like it was locked in my throat and in my neck muscles and once I took a course with Diana, it started to soar..."

Of course, now eight years have passed and the voice needs a little tune up.

Lots of shows were performed, lots of different producers were giving their comments on the vocals, while in the majority of times, not even being qualified, and of course, quite a few YouTube videos were produced over numerous recorded tracks.

Given all of that, …

“A Christmas Miracle!!!” Non-Surgical Voice (Speech) Repair case. Miraculous recovery!

Case Study: Vocal Addiction...? Could it be Good or Could it Backfire?

Teaching, consulting and repairing voices for close to four decades, I thought I've seen it all.

Some of the clients had been very serious and very dedicated, some of them not serious enough and taking it lightly, but some of them had appeared to be overly dedicated and almost addicted to their own voices and the sound they had been producing.

I definitely prefer the serious and dedicated people, who understand the value of my services, and experience the greatest results.

However, some of my clients appear to be obsessed with their own voices and sound and almost paranoid of their present and future results.

While being completely out of balance, they get themselves exhausted to the bone and exhaust me to the absolute max of my tolerance.

While I appreciate their dedication and commitment, I could barely stay alive, as it is very hard to keep up with somebody who is literally addicted to something - and in this case, as odd as it sounds, it is to their vocal success.

In the past,…

Vocally Speaking and Otherwise… Be your Healthy Best! Prevent your Vocal Disorder!