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Brain Capacity Deficit - Computer Chips Instead of Brains, Heart and Soul?
How Does it affect our humanity musically speaking and otherwise?

I've been running the Royans Professional Vocal School for nearly 29 years now.

Ever since the beginning, to be exact, on February 15th of 1984, the business itself required a person (myself, my by now deceased partner, or somebody hired at the desk) to answer the phone and to explain what exactly we've been offering.

As you all know, at the time we had just a rotary phone and hardly a tape-recorder-type answering machine.

Strangely enough, looking back today at those precious days, the business actually was by far more efficient then it is today.

How so, you may ask?

Practically nobody had cell phones, which means they could not text any irrelevant questions and hide behind it to avoid a human voice communication.

The computers were hardly present, with the exception of some profound law firms and other executive organizations, and of course, the government.

So, the communication those days was live and actually very pleasurable, as people then (perhaps not being so polluted by technology and radiation) were actually, in my estimate, by far more so with it; much brighter, much more articulate and, no pun intended, much more mobile... (lol on the latter).

Moreover, since the only way of communication they had, like me, was a rotary phone (and if there were particularly lucky, a touch tone phone), you could actually pick up their emotion and passion during the conversation. Big WOW TODAY!!!

Needless to say, the brains they owned those days were actually converting the information, as they knew that nobody was going to recap that information via text or e-mail back to them.

I remind you, my readers, that those means simply did not exist yet (my personal comment - Thank God, that I caught the good times and experienced some NORMAL human communication).

As we were progressing forward (primarily technologically) and needless to say regressing in our human communication, the music also was regressing rapidly, somewhere from the middle of the 90s and came to the peak of its regression right to nowadays.

Starting in the early 90s, the cell phones kicked in, along with touch tone phones connected to electronic answering machines.

Now the one and only way the person could use their brains is to exercise multiple choices, which were given to them via the possible answers on every question a human being could have had. The subject did not actually matter.

After pressing, minimum to say, 25 buttons (lol), the answer of the supposedly right representative would come in, "I'm not at my desk or out of the office. Please try again."

I thought it was quite inhuman then, but little did I know...

To go forward, you will not hear even that anymore.

And if you do, and for example, like in the well known commercial, when the person was asking for a hot chocolate, the automated response was offering him a "hot coffee" (lol).

Nowadays, our new generation is actually afraid of phones and nevertheless has no concept of the latter for its very function.

While they look at the phone, they think of texting, e-mailing, video games, browsing on the internet and recording TV shows.

They're just way too busy to be personal or personable, for that matter, and to spend their "valuable time" away from the above aforementioned gadgets.

How pathetic is that?

Are we expecting from this generation, a heart, a soul and a passion, with which they would supposedly produce our music?

In my estimate, only in our wildest dreams.

I once asked one of my young male vocal students if he had a girlfriend.

He responded, "Yes, I have seven."

I said, "How is that possible?"

He said, "They're all virtual and they don't even know my real name."

When this boy becomes a man, would he be able to handle a real relationship, which should contain heart, soul, brain, passion, caring and just simple love for another person?

It makes me wonder...

Let's say this boy, now a young man, will attempt to write a song.

What does he have to write about?

Needless to say, he has not, in a real sense, experienced any of the above listed feelings.

"I believe the children are our future," as the late Whitney Houston once sang.

Speaking of the computer chips, clearly, our children/our future are becoming extremely robotic and "electronic" in their nature.

No wonder the British pop star Adele became a national heroine, as she, out of not too many, actually expresses her feelings out loud and not being afraid to offer her soul and heart, so to speak, "naked".

Luckily, some people still have some brains left, and those people did appreciate Adele's honestly and sincerity.

That's what a true artist should be required to do at all times, provided that they have something to sing about...

The song is a story telling through music.

I believe that the only stories the growing population possesses are the ones they learn from the internet.

Unfortunately, those stories could be sometimes of a questionable nature.

Now, coming back to answering the phones from 1984 to 2012.

Today, if I even get an odd call (primarily I receive e-mails and texts instead), the people on the other line respond exactly like the aforementioned commercial, where I'm speaking about "hot chocolate" and they're speaking about "hot coffee".

Then I repeat the second time, and insist that it's still about "hot chocolate" and they are, in turn, insisting back to me that it is about "double espresso".

Now, when everybody is confused to the nicest, in the end, they complain that they couldn't hear me well, or that I still have a strong accent, and they ask to recap everything in an e-mail.

To summarize, as you already know, I've been answering this phone since 1984, and by that time, I was in the country barely for four years.

"Strangely and peculiarly enough", nobody ever complained about my accent then.
They actually had enough of an attention span to listen and comprehend what the conversation was about in its nature.
Go figure!

Thank God that I'm very secure within myself and by now, I've spoken with the whole world on my phone - with English speaking audience and others. I've ran numerous seminars and workshops, with the capacity of over 200 people, all around the world and nobody ever complained. At least, definitely not then.

Now, to cover up their inadequacy of converting information in their brains to something tangible, they are blaming me that it is too much information to comprehend or that it hasn't been delivered to them the way they envisioned...?

I'm not sure where we are all going with it, but in my opinion, should it continue like this, by the law of averages;

THE WORLD WILL BE HEADING OUT TO ITS END, at least in a human sense.

Needless to say, the music world, however, is definitely taking the lead, and it is already, in my opinion, soon may be coming to its finish line.

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