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Voice Damage - You Save the Money...! "You Won the Case"...! But... You are Left with All the Damages!

Since I'm, looks like it, the one and only vocal specialist who is offering non-surgical voice repair, I'm getting a lot of inquiries via e-mail and sometimes phone calls, stress SOMETIMES.

People are writing to me general e-mails, complaining about the occurrence of their nasty symptoms associated with vocal damage, and they want me, via e-mail...? to offer them a cure.

When I offer them to speak on the phone and even offer to call them myself to save them money for the long distance phone call, only, to be generous, 50% of those who inquired and pleaded for help, would agree to speak to me.

It seems like people have no concept of phone conversations any longer.

They're using their phones for texting and e-mailing.

The voice repair issue is in a manner of speaking, a medical issue, at least in the majority of cases.

I'm wondering, would it occur those people's minds to e-mail to the actual doctor and not only to ask him, virtually, to help them, but also would ask…

Vocal “Virginity”...? Vocally... so to speak... Breaking Through?
Revolutionary Approach to Vocal Maturity!

As I mentioned before, providing vocal services of all sorts for over four decades, I think I’ve seen it all and pretty much dealt with it all. However, the title (which speaks for itself) is even for me, still remains to be quite outrageous. 
First of all, you my reader, may ask: 'What I mean by vocal “virginity”'?  To answer that question with more clarity, I will give you an example of a dancer who desperately wants to perform on stage, but has, so to speak, bad feet (flat feet with no arch), and also very tight hips, whereby the perfect turn out of the dancer’s body is very hard to achieve.  The above two components are crucial to the dance profession, even on an amateur or semi-professional level, let alone on a professional level. Similarly, I am receiving potential students with, at the glance, a very small mouth opening, very tight throats and quite disproportional bodies. Those components for the singer, or singer to be, are also crucial.  If you look to well known singer…

Brain Capacity Deficit - Computer Chips Instead of Brains, Heart and Soul?
How Does it affect our humanity musically speaking and otherwise?

I've been running the Royans Professional Vocal School for nearly 29 years now.

Ever since the beginning, to be exact, on February 15th of 1984, the business itself required a person (myself, my by now deceased partner, or somebody hired at the desk) to answer the phone and to explain what exactly we've been offering.

As you all know, at the time we had just a rotary phone and hardly a tape-recorder-type answering machine.

Strangely enough, looking back today at those precious days, the business actually was by far more efficient then it is today.

How so, you may ask?

Practically nobody had cell phones, which means they could not text any irrelevant questions and hide behind it to avoid a human voice communication.

The computers were hardly present, with the exception of some profound law firms and other executive organizations, and of course, the government.

So, the communication those days was live and actually very pleasurable, as people then (perhaps not being so polluted …

“Vocal noose”.... Could it lead to a, so to speak, “vocal suicide”?