Non-Surgical Voice Repair Protocol via Vocal Science(TM) Method and the Philosophy Behind It

I’ve been working on people’s voices since 1975/76,  but officially, the non-surgical voice repair method was born in 1991 when I acquired my own voice problem at the time and experienced all the aspects of the recovery of my voice on myself.

However, the cause of my voice trouble was not caused by improper vocal technique or excessive overuse of my voice. My problem was strictly induced emotionally and then got manifested in my physical body, and not only vocally speaking, but generally speaking as well.

After spending an enormous amount of money, time and energy, trying to find out what was wrong with me vocally and otherwise, I finally got addressed to a holistic approach to the human body overall.

I found out that my immune system was functioning very low and my adrenal glands were functioning very high.

Also, due to enormous stress (emotionally challenged marriage and a very high volume of clients and respectively, working hours), my whole system went out of whack.

My body was full of mucous and due to low immunity, it caused not just allergies, but also nearly asthma.

If to take for consideration that my father suffered with asthma over 30 years, I would presume that everything that I inherited on a cellular and hereditary level from my parents, was now present in my body and the symptoms of that were quite pronounced.

There were also some other nasty and quite alarming symptoms which showed up, inherited from my mother’s side.

So to put it mildly, it definitely was not a picnic.

Once I was made aware that I had to approach my vocal health from the holistic point of view, generally and systematically, the process had begun:

That consisted of the complete cleanse of the body, as well as complete build of the body, as holistic teaching suggests.

Mucous-less, non-dairy diet, along with cleansing and building herbs, and lastly, the perfection of my own Vocal Science technique.

Don’t get me wrong, I was already successfully teaching this very unique and innovative method originated by me, nearly 35 years ago.

Before all of that, my own voice worked like magic and I continued to instill this revolutionary method to thousands upon thousands of people.

At that time, even though that I understood what those people were going through, especially those with voice problems, I still never have had a problem of my own, and thus, just operated from the best of my knowledge.

Once I acquired my own vocal problem, which in my case and in many other cases, showed up as a symptom, warning that something else in my body was out of whack, has appeared to be that in a final analysis, was really a blessing for me and for my future clients.

Now utilizing this knowledge, while conducting my own voice repair via perfection of the Vocal Science technique, I can help thousands upon thousands of people and save them from the nasty operation and from the recurring of the existent vocal conditions.

However, after instructing them with the life and career saving technique, they also have to do the work on their own.

I can not supervise their diet and their herbal intake while they are out of my studio. I can only give suggestions and instructions of what needs to be done while they are on their own.

And I have to say that some of them are super compliant, and thus, their recovery is achieved much faster and less painfully.

The others still can not get a grip that they have to be on a strict diet, at least while the condition is still acute and persistent.

They’re telling me that they just tried a little bit of ketchup and a little bit of potato chips, some yogurt, and some white bread with butter and jam…

Then they complain that they have a setback…?

I’m not sure why they are surprised!

In my previous blog, I wrote about a lady from the UK who I just recently attended to, and saved her from the operation #3 to be performed on her vocal nodules.

Please read the excerpt from her latest e-mail to me:

“Anyhow, in the meantime the voice is sounding stronger. I am feeling loads stronger myself and the weight is dropping off without the wine, bread, diary (and all naughty but nice cakes etc). Making time for the herbs twice a day, drinking loads of Chlorophyll (actually think I am addicted) and doing a few exercises particularly before reaching to take a phone call. The new speaking through the upper palette is still not natural for me but am sure that when I do it, it relieves the vocal cords.”

This UK student of mine is an example for those who can not follow the protocol. 

In her e-mail message above, she perfectly describes where she is at after attaining a non-surgical voice repair course with me in the UK.

In fact, to her credit, she has changed her lifetime habits around, literally by the next day when she came to my hotel for the instruction.

Way to go, Girl!

Everybody knows that a recovering alcoholic can not try just a little bit of wine or vodka, as it is proven that inevitably it will be the re-start for the new alcoholic episodes.

Respectively, when the vocal box flora is disturbed, and the symptoms are highly present, the herbal and diet regiment has to be very strict, without exceptions or cheat days.


I know it first hand, as I have been battling with my weight my entire life.

The minute I return to so-called normal and familiar foods, I am not able to go back on the diet path.





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