Holistically speaking, Non-Surgical Voice Repair in the UK. Case study.

While still being in Canada, I got a call from a regular person, (not a singer), who was pleading for help, as she already has undergone two vocal operations and not even done by the laser, but performed by a scalpel.
She told me that she was running out of the options.
Both times, the nodules on her vocal chords were literally scraped, and thus, she ended up with scar tissue as a side effect of the surgical intervention.
Now, her nodules showed up the third time!

And yet again, my at the time future client, was offered the third operation!
Clearly, the vocal nodules were recurring themselves over and over again.
In between of the operations, my client attended a course of treatment which was called the Buteyko breathing technique.

Unfortunately, it did not produce any results with respect of the improving the voice situation, but rather produced the opposite result where the person now acquired a quite pronounced raspy cough.
Once I met with my client in my hotel in London, I right away saw that she looked kind of bloated and sounded quite raspy and hoarse.

After acquiring the information, which I described above, I made my assessment and evaluation of this case not only from the vocal point of view, but also from the holistic point of view.
I recommended a mucous-less and non-dairy diet and supplied my client with natural herbs and remedies, which are also designed to clear out the mucous and strengthen and lubricate the vocal anatomy.

My client had the herbs with her at all given times, including the time during her sessions, as by a protocol, in such acute condition as hers, I recommend to take those herbs throughout the instruction time. 

I returned back from the UK on Thursday, June the 7th.
Today, on June the 11th, I got a text from my client where she is saying that she is "feeling stronger by the day ", and on that note, she has been sending me "many thanks".
If she did not find out about me in time, she would go for the already scheduled operation number three.

And that, unfortunately, would leave her with even more scar tissue in her throat and still, evidently, would not solve the problem.
Now, via my sessions, she acquired a skill of how to use her speaking voice via Vocal Science™ technique and she got an understanding that the voice is an identification of the state of your being...
And, nevertheless, her physical being also required some close attention.
Now she is on the way to her complete recovery with full understanding of how to speak properly, utilizing the facial muscles in conjunction with the abdominal muscles, instead of forcing the sound from the throat and heavily engaging the neck and the chest muscles, which if to use excessively, would lead the person to the inevitable dysphonia on top of the already existing problem.
The saying that "you are what you eat" also applies that you are "what you speak and sing…"   


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