Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Voice vs American Idol - What is Similar and What is Different?
One Thing in Common This Year; BETTER SINGING THAN EVER!!!

I'm religiously watching both television shows - The Voice and the American Idol.

And I have to say to my pleasant surprise, both shows "raised their bar", almost to the max!

The word "almost" suggests that I'm not 100% in the agreement with the judges of The Voice. However, even that proximity is pretty high. I would say, I agree with their choices at about 95% of the time.

It looks like they are looking for something different, i.e. unique tone and unique delivery of the song, but they are not as much concerned about the pitch and the technical aspect of vocal performance. And I guess on those counts, I'm not 100% in agreement with them.

Whereas American Idol, at least this year, is possessing incredibly good and sound performers. The female clan is almost unbelievably good. I'm afraid to say that some of them are better than the original artists.

And also, to the credit of the judges, the participants are truly judged on their technical and artistic merit, as it should be, and independently of the participants' looks, age, nationality and what have you.

There were, throughout the competition, somewhat original singers and performers who were not sound, technically speaking, and whose pitch was definitely not perfect, and they have been eliminated, in spite of the great looks they possessed, and how unique their tone or performances were.

I found it extremely attractive and also suggestive to the future auditioners, that now you can not just hope that you will ride only on your looks or craziness, for that matter, to get discovered and be pushed on the big stage and in the limelight.

Maybe the audience who is considering down the road to become participants themselves, will get a clue that before auditioning it wouldn't be a bad idea to run a checkpoint, i.e. Do I know what I'm doing technically? Do I have anything unique to offer? Do I need to consult top notch professionals before I submit my application?...

That said, this competition then, will be treated much more seriously and will attract much more serious, intelligent and educated people, let alone people with the true and unique vocal talent and not just performance talent.

As for The Voice, the judges might have some unique discoveries, but if they will be vocally up to standards, remains to be seen and heard.

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