Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"The Voice"… The Judges, The Performers and… The Pitch!

Everybody knows there is a rock style and there is an alternative rock style.
But not everybody knows that there is an alternative… to music?

How so you may ask?

The fact is that the music, like everything else in life, has its own standards. Many years ago, I wrote an article which was called “First, Third and a half and Fifth and a quarter, to our shame, became our music standards". 

I was talking about the triad which usually consists of the first, third and fifth steps from whichever musical key you want to start counting.

I believe it is self-explanatory now and describes it perfectly. However, world renowned judges, primarily performers themselves, at times make strange decisions with respects to who is going to make it through the blind auditions and move on under their supervision, and who is not.

To my surprise, there were a couple of vocalists who were dead-on musically and pitch wise, but for some reason, did not get chosen. And there were definitely at least two or three performers who were quite out of pitch throughout their performances, and they not only got picked, but got fought for to be mentored!

Go figure?

Speaking of mentors/Judges, I found that they are fighting a bit excessively and almost, falsely between each other, and even more so pathetically for their team members.
They are almost begging the participants to join their team...?

I find it very diminishing and uncalled for. In fact, I feel embarrassed for the judges.
They should not be begging NOBODYS to give THEM (judges) a chance...!

I understand that they want to reach out to the masses and blend with the crowd, but I find that to be a little too excessive for my taste, and completely out of balance in my opinion.

But the show has very good potential, and I already like it more this season then the pervious.
The participants are sounder overall and the show is much more entertaining this time around. I am sure it will be perfected down the road, as everything comes with experience. 

Let’s hope that they will find the true talent which we will be enjoying for many years to come.
I also hope that the "true talent", which they will discover, will be also "true to their cause", and will not perform just for the reason that they could help their families...

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