Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vocal Optimization/Vocal Technique
Who needs it?

Vocal technique, who needs it, you may ask?

In my opinion, everyone who claims themselves to be even a beginner singer.

I've been involved in the music business for almost four decades and had been having conversations and discussions with numerous music business professionals - producers, A&Rs and managers. I found that when I was pointing out that certain singers were obviously hurting their vocal anatomies, either pre-diagnosed or already diagnosed with vocal problems, and thus, could not perform their duties, concerts, tours and what have you, their take on it was that the certain singer/performer was so talented, wrote good songs and performed with a lot of emotions...?

I acknowledged all of those components, but tried to mention that the latter is not all, and if the singer is shooting their sound out, so to speak, blindly, while concurrently keeping their fingers crossed and dying of fear, that they may not deliver the proper sound or even the sound at all, that maybe (just maybe?) there is something that could be done, so that the performer would not only rely on good looks, bathing suits, Cirque Du Soleil style background dancers and, for that matter, on the good songs and widely expelled emotions only.

If they own a so to speak, "vocal GPS" and knew how to "navigate" the sound safely and to the designated direction, while concurrently not hurting themselves, then they would not be facing so many operations and cancelled tours and concerts, where everybody loses - especially their music industry mentors (financially speaking). 

The knowledge also means confidence. The late Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were desperately trying to come back into the music game. Both of them were mixing medical drugs designated to conquer their anxiety, with the alcohol and other substances, and therefore today, we're missing both of them.

I'm sure both of them and singers like them, would pay any money if they knew for sure that they would deliver their performances with the flying colours at all given times, and also would be able to speak, to scream and laugh with ease after the fact.

Adele in her interview revealed that several times she threw up before her performances, as she was fearing for her voice. Now it is fixed, but will it hold up if she goes on tour and will have to perform on over 200 concerts? According to her own revelation to the interviewer before the Grammys, she said, "No it won't, and I'm sure it will happen again", as she also is well aware that the application of her voice and her vocal technique has never changed - at least not yet.

What changed was that the throat got fixed (the instrument), to the credit of the best specialist from the U.S., who performed the class act surgery. But any singer knows that if they did not really implement any kind of new application/technique, that it will only be a matter of time when it breaks again.

So, naturally, you would think that the artist and their mentors would be seeking for something different.

In this instance, I really like to use the saying, "If something doesn't work, try something else. It might work better." However, some music professionals think that they already got their team to help the artist in all aspects. They do not realize that that very team (vocal coaches, producers, and etc.) actually were very instrumental in producing the vocal problem. Go figure!

So optimize the team, optimize the vocal performance, and you will save the time, the money and the aggravation for all the parties involved - GUARANTEED!!!

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