Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vocally Speaking... Vocal Implant/Human body rejection...?

I have been working with beginners and professionals for over 37 years now. Strangely enough, I find that to work with the beginners is much easier than to work with people who had some vocal experience or a lot of it.
The beginners do not know any better or any worse for that matter, and it is easier to put them on the "right track", as they don't have any pre-conceived ideas. 

They also don't have the bad habits instilled in them either by themselves or by incompetent instructors, whereas those people with so called "experience" consciously or primarily sub-consciously are rejecting 'so to speak' the new modality of a "new behaviour", I could compare it with patients who receive new organs via medical transplant. Sometimes, the human body rejects something foreign, in spite that it could be a live saviour for the patient. 

I also have older clients, and with them, there is another problem. They are very conservative, and they are not accepting something new very easily, as well as they are not releasing their habits that easily either. I call it "teaching an old dog new tricks".
So, each category of clients is different in its nature, but ultimately, I have to solve their (in a manner of speaking) "vocal headaches" with whichever means which will work for their specific case.

In all cases, though, I need to remove "the virus" from their human computers and instill in their psyche my own "software"-"Vocal science". And then, I have to assure that they would press the "right button" to achieve and acquire the right "vocal print-out/outcome” first with my help, and then on their own.

In the final analysis, they and I will ultimately be praying for "no rejection at all" in the best understanding of that word.

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