Vocal Science - We Are Doers and Not Just Talkers!

To whom it may concern - a personal message from Diana Yampolsky:

We are doers and not just talkers!

In these trying times, we should not only connect with each other but should also express care for each other. We, at The Royans Professional Vocal School, nonetheless, provide unprecedented care for our past, present and future clients; and, in return, we require their full understanding, commitment, loyalty and compliance!

"It takes two to tango" and it requires "give and take" respect between all parties involved. Please keep the above in mind and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Desire and deserve!
We are looking forward to meeting you in person soon!!
Diana Yampolsky.

Indeed, we soon will be receiving new and repeat clients from the US and will be hoping that they will meet all of our requirements and in return, they will receive our unprecedented care, knowledge, experience and expertise. So please remember that to recover, to restore and to enhance one’s voice requires hard labour! However, we will invite you to learn how to achieve a maximum desirable result working hard but, nonetheless, definitely, smart!


We are doers and not just talkers. We guarantee everything we do and deliver our promise without failure! We will stand by you at all times during and after our services rendered - which will be delivered to you, no doubt, with absolute excellence! You have our word on it!!

Now, this is a message to those who do consider purchasing (or had already purchased) our Natural Voice Repair Herbal Kit from us:

They are not magic pills! There is very smart thinking and extensive knowledge applied behind those very powerful (containing great medicinal qualities) substances!! They are designed to heal your vocal anatomy and other related health problems in a very short period of time! Try them and you will not regret it, you will ask us for more… Guaranteed!!

However, please do not think that those herbal remedies will solve all of your voice /vocal problems on their own…

In most of the cases, especially when it is a matter of the underlying and often related health problems, the mechanical restoration of the vocal anatomy will very much so be required.

Some people, however, are still hoping that those herbs have magic power and after they will consume them, their voice will become as good and even better than before it had gotten damaged… A nice dream...indeed!!

Those sufferers do not quite understand what exactly entails to restore someone’s damaged voice!! It does require patience, discipline, focus, acceptance and, nevertheless, physical and emotional fitness…

A majority of my past clients, quite often, add to their wonderful post-course letters and testimonials: “That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!”


For more informative case studies and additional information regarding our treatment methods for a multitude of other voice disorders, speech problems and vocal issues, please check out our websites via clickable image links below:

Repair Your Voice - Treatment for Vocal Cord Damage
Vocal Science Voice Recovery Acid Reflux


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