Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vocal Science: The Forensic Science…

We are practicing alternative internal medicine while advocating the assurance of the best speaking/singing voice & nevertheless, non-surgical voice repair.

We   Got   This!!

Firstly, you, my reader, may wonder why we call Vocal Science the forensic science? We do so because we are paying a great attention to the minutest details while working on the human voice (speaking or singing - damaged or not). With our specially-designed speech and singing exercises, we build a, so to speak, “hurricane-proof” foundation for the future “house” to “stand on” and to be “built upon”…  Evidently, broken or not and first of all the speaking voice (before the singing voice, if required to be worked on) has to be put in balance along with the person’s physical body, mind and nevertheless the motor skills.

To achieve the desired result while building the proper voice application (ultimate voice/vocal technique), especially with respect to the voice restoration, those aforementioned components have to be able to work in full synchronicity between each other.  While facial muscles will also work in full conjunction and coordination with one’s abdominal muscles, the excessive and harmful use of the vocal anatomy will be minimized exponentially.

Vocal Science™ is an intellectual and intelligent method of visualization.

In order to restore one’s mechanics (speaking and/or singing), the person has to be able to adopt a “modality" of completely new behaviour. The latter falls into the neural linguistic programming (N.L.P), which is all about the “installation” of the new modality of one’s behaviour.

The Vocal Science™ Method is built on the laws of physics and geometry.

Its technique suggests that the sound is a physical material body and it travels as such; i.e., in circular direction and relatively, prospectively and respectively to the person’s height, width and central line of their body (ultimately, the parameters of the central line would be the location of their nose and belly button).

In order to achieve the above, the person’s posture has to be ultimate, while also taking for consideration that the sound is a physical material body and it will travel in the same way as if they would pitch the ball, swim to the aimed destination and/or jump a triple axel or quad on ice. 

In fact, in order for the figure skater to achieve the above-mentioned jumps, they will have to take off of the ice (not with the ice, which sometimes happens), in order to achieve the needed height for the triple or quad; and then maintain the complete centre while taking off and landing those jumps. 

On the premise of the above, the former and the latter explain the holistic approach to voice mechanics. 

Taking the above fact for consideration, my first priority is to assess the person as a wholeBelieve it or not, any person’s voice is the least of my concern…, because, if that person is completely intact (in balance and fitness between mind, body and motor skills), our success will be inevitable whereas, no doubt, the human voice will work to its absolute maximum capacity possible. In a majority of cases, the voice damage occurs specifically because of the lack of understanding of how the human body (and voice, for that matter) are designed to work. 

People have very bad postures; they are not familiar with the parameters of their body; they have no idea how to project their voice to be heard while, concurrently, not to ruin their vocal anatomy, or at least avoid the pain and strain. 

Now, since our society is completely non-physical, it is becoming exponentially worse. It is extremely hard to attend to one’s voice when that person is completely out of balance on every conceivable level… The humans are now way too busy sitting at their computers and “smart” phones checking and conversing on Facebook & other destructive social media platforms… Also, to elaborate further, I’ve just heard on the radio that the average size of a women’s dress use to be considered size 10 to12. Today, via thorough research, it was detected that the dress size moved up to size 16 and even 18…!!

My question is:  What is going to happen in the next few years?

Will we be shooting for size 24 then? I certainly hope not!

All that is caused by the wrong diet and by the lack of physical activities - Too much sitting while searching the internet… I am sorry to say, but in my “books”, it is extremely pathetic!! How do we expect the voice to work in the fullest capacity possible when all of the other organs in one’s physical body are completely out of sorts??

So this is my plea to you, my reader
  • Put your computer mouse away and go for a walk.
  • Watch the food which you put in your mouth
  • Go for a walk at every available moment
  • Stop your bad habits (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc..)
  • Watch your voice while speaking and singing - Don’t scream and force your voice under any circumstances
  • And lastly, do not EVER attempt any singing if you are sick with a cold or have a virus of any sort

Vocal Science™ Method.

Our credo: Save and protect your voice for years to come and live your life with the best and, most importantly, healthy voice!
You got this!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

30 Hour Vocal Labor – Vocal Delivery. Part 2!

Case Study

This blog is primarily dedicated to our local Toronto clients.

The fact is that, opposed to our international clients, they have an opportunity to come for what we call an Introductory/Exploratory Session before they commit to any courses or treatments in the case of non-surgical voice repair.

During that introductory session, they learn a lot about themselves; about where their voice stands right now; what could be done with it and in what period of time.
There is definitely, during that session and in a nutshell, speech and singing instruction present - to whichever degree possible.

The majority of our clients, understandably, have been getting extremely excited when they hear the instant difference between how they walked into the session, during the session, and especially, by the conclusion of the whole endeavor.

It’s all good! -  you, my reader, may exclaim... 
It could be, but sometimes it can be compromised.

How so?

While experiencing the difference in their voice and some body parts, our future course attendees become overly excited and begin to practice on their own…, even though they were given specific instructions (reinforced in my book, “Vocal Science – Flight to the Universe”) not to practice on their own until they have enough substance and understanding of the newly-found Vocal Science method and technique.

I acquired a new client today, who came for the Introductory Exploratory session yesterday; saw the value, got excited and registered for 30 hours (the protocol) of singing (pre-voice repair) instruction and some light herbal treatment.

Rightfully so…

My client possesses a very beautiful singing voice, but absolutely has no idea how to take the maximum capacity of such “God’s gift”; and most importantly, not to “kill it on the root” while singing in a choir; and while at it, using the completely wrong voice application/vocal technique. No doubt that bad habits had been formed and “quite-well” adapted…

So, thinking that she already had enough knowledge to start practicing on her own, she did and… knocked down my whole message, which I instilled into her during the Introductory/Exploratory Session yesterday.

As a result, today, it took me close to an hour to restore that message back in order to be able to continue the vocal development.

My explanation ( of course, figuratively speaking ) to her was as such:
I told her today that yesterday, I helped her to “conceive a baby” – so to speak.
Due to her “unauthorized interference” with the Vocal Science “embryo”, the cell of the future “baby” was destroyed.

That “embryo”, nevertheless, has to be “nurtured and carried” for at least 30 hours of my very unique instruction - (and, when needed, to be supported with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment).

Our aim is to have an undisturbed process described above, while working hard, and smart at the same time, to be able to bring the whole process to the best possible conclusion.

To conclude, I have to say: 

Yes, the “labor” of such process could be very hard, but the reward in the end WILL BE PRICELESS!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Vocal Science. - Way To Go, Voice To Go! - Case Studies!

In the past month, we finished three non-surgical voice repair courses with people from out-of-town and out-of-country.

The first international client, named Alberto ‘Maui’ Mauiztic (a singer/songwriter from Cozumel, Mexico), came to us for just 20 hours of non-surgical voice repair and natural herbal treatment. He had severe pain in the throat while speaking and singing due to laryngitis and vocal cord nodules. Due to the above, his vocal cords were inflamed and strained.

 - I would like to remind you, my reader, that the protocol for non-surgical voice repair, is minimum 30 hours of our very unique instruction and, of course, treatment with natural herbs and homeopathic remedies.


For greater clarity and in a manner of speaking, those type of courses are equivalent to a rehab (in this case, vocal rehab).

As our client/student has been raving about his success with the Vocal Science Method and Technique, I personally got a little concerned.

Why, my reader, you may ask?

Because, first of all, we were short of 10 hours; but mainly, my concern was that my client was going back home anticipating a lot of “excitement” which no doubt could infringe on our newly-found healthy and improved speaking and singing voice.

I warn all of my voice repair clients almost right from the beginning of our journey that if they are not going to remain to be calm and composed after the process of their voice repair endeavour is complete, they might have a setback…  This applies especially to our long distance clients who will be far away from me upon returning home.

I always give them an example of an athlete who usually does not start running marathons after deeply-intensive treatment, conquering their injuries. Those athletes, quite often, first learn how to walk with a walker; them on a treadmill, and then slowly on their own; and only after all of that, they begin to train in full strength again.


A good example of the above would be our Canadian figure skater, Kaetlyn Osmond - who just recently won the World’s Figure Skating Championship. Prior to that, she had a few very serious injuries which required some surgeries. Loving figure skating so much and being so good at it, she, understandably, was very anxious to return to competitive skating. And she did; but, unfortunately, too soon after the rehab recovery.

As a result, not only could she not defend her world championship title, but was down on the ice practically every jump. It was very painful and sad to watch, especially for me, as I am a very big fan of figure skating in general and her in particular. She, in fact, was ready to “hang up her skates”…

Her coach, however, encouraged her to become the best she could be and this time, he made sure that she  healed-up completely (physically and psychologically) before entering any competitions again. Then her coach retrained her; so she was able to sharpen up her skills to the max which, evidently, made her the best skater ever!


- The moral of the above story is:

After you have undergone the voice restoration (which requires serious commitment, energy and dedication), DO NOT engage in a lot of speaking and singing right off the batt!

The new application of the speaking and singing voice has to have time to set into your psyche, your physical body and, nevertheless, facial muscles - where the voice had been restructured (away from your vocal anatomy). We however, in spite of our pep talks and warnings, unfortunately had witnessed some setbacks, especially (and thankfully) with only a few, primarily long distance, clients.

Our Mexican client, after the fact, revealed to us that he spoke nearly non-stop and (on average) 12 hours a day upon his return… As far as we know, he is still ok, but we are still a little bit concerned for his (and his voice) wellbeing. 

We will be updating you in that regard as soon as we get a hold of him and find out exactly where he is at right now, speaking and singing. Needless to say, we wish him all the best and hope that he will be “holding his horses” and retain the Vocal Science technique to maintain the ultimate health and performance of his voice.


While working with a voice repair client, my priority is to assure that my client understands exactly what’s going on and feels and hears every nuance of the performance of their voice! When the latter happens I am assured from my side that the course and treatment I delivered has been well packaged and ready to be “taken away” and be maintained for many months/years to come!


Being quite a bit skeptical (trying everything and anything for a number of years), he decided to just take our 10 hour Introductory/Exploratory Course just to” test the waters”, so to speak. While we were going through the process of repairing his voice and, concurrently, teaching him how to sing, I discovered that there was a more serious damage on his vocal anatomy then what I had anticipated at first.

So, needless to say, Jon is now will be coming for the next 10 hour course to (at least, still partially) rectify a quite serious voice damage. However, in spite of very little time spent together (two and a half consecutive days), Jon experienced an exponential improvement in his speaking and singing voice. You can read his feedback to us by clicking on his name and image.

Way to go Jon!! The best is yet to come! Stay tuned to witness further success in Jon’s musical endeavours.

We are welcoming Jon back to start part 2 of his journey, commencing June 9th, 2018.


And lastly, we’ve just completed a 30 hour (the protocol) non-surgical voice repair course and treatment with Singer/Songwriter from Canmore, Alberta, Sue Denton. Sue was diagnosed with a polyp on her vocal fold. For the last few days during her very intense journey with me, I could not hear any abstraction on her vocal anatomy whatsoever.

Sue also attended our Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop which took place this past Sunday. Read below her feedback from her course and treatment, as well as from the workshop.

We’ve just been notified that Sue landed safely in Calgary. We wish her all the best with her voice and all of her musical endeavours, now and always.

Way to go Girl!