Monday, January 8, 2018

Whole Lotta Fakin’ (And Shakin’ too) Going On…

"Does It Smell In Here? A look at the current state of the speaking, coaching and consulting industry." by Larry Winget and Randy Pennington: (Click HERE to see the article.)
- Our article is inspired by the one above -

I have been consulting, teaching, coaching and repairing voices close to four decades now.

All previous years, being true to my cause, I kept saying to people that I did not think that I had any competition with respect of what I have been doing for many years… At least, that’s what I thought at the time. I knew that I was producing unprecedented results with respect to the voice work; and to my knowledge, nobody at all (of those who had similar claims of success) could live up to my level of results, expertise and experience.

Then came the internet… and now it is in full bloom!

All of a sudden, everybody is a voice/vocal coach  and even a voice repair specialist…?

A lot of them, I have never heard about before.  But those who I did hear about, primarily were self-made with no former education and, quite certainly, with no music education whatsoever. Some of them literally did not know (and STILL DON”T) where the middle “C” was located on the keyboard!  They’ve called themselves singers, performers and composers…? And they STILL do not know any music notation of any sort!

Obviously, the internet gives them the opportunity to call themselves the “greatest” (just like The Russian Czar - Peter The Great. LOL), and act as if they are…! Why not, if nobody ever asked them to confirm even their high-school education, let alone their music education…? So now, in my profession, those self-righteous so called vocal coaches (and so-called vocal specialists for that matter) begun to work on people’s vocal anatomy…? 

How scary is that??

It is very scary indeed, especially for their clients whom, nevertheless, not only they’ve been charging quite a bit of money for their (in a manor of speaking) incompetence; not only they have not produced anything tangible with respect to promised results, but in the interim, they, as a side effect, had also ruined their vocal anatomy!

I had a case where the young girl came to me with obvious singing voice problems. She told me the story that, on her own and without any vocal training (obviously possessing some talent), she ended up getting signed to a major record label; and thus realizing her lifelong dream. The record label addressed her to one of Toronto’s well-known vocal coaches who had managed to ruin her voice exponentially, with very little hope of its restoration. Since she could not perform anymore (or even record for that matter), she got dropped from the roaster of such label. She was so distraught that she could not even collect herself together enough to embark onto the voice repair sessions with me and decided to drop her prospective singing career all together and to get married and raise a family instead.

Now it gets even worse, as people are bombarded with a lot of useful and mostly non-useful/false information via the internet.  A lot of them, unfortunately, are looking for instant gratification; and only after not finding what they were looking for, they begin to finally look for something real. And even then, they are not always successful, as a lot of so-called “professionals” build their false reputation by using false names with whom they “supposedly” were working with, or some big names who they had met in passing and, at best, had brief sessions with them “perfecting” a couple of notes; and then bragging about their known (and somewhat known) clients, as if they played an instrumental role in their success…!

Now let’s talk about people with voice problems…

One of the most nasty voice/vocal disorders is what’s called Spasmodic Dysphonia. Believe it or not my reader, there are “voice practitioners” and “specialists” who actually have that very disorder themselves, but have been claiming that they can treat (or even cure) it successfully. And what never ceases to amaze me, that the sufferers actually believe the fact that if the “specialists” having the voice/vocal disorder(s) themselves, they would know how to treat those disorders…?

Go figure!!

Those specialists claim that they were worse before (still obviously suffering from it), but they had gotten “better”. And thus, they could treat the voice disorder like Spasmodic Dysphonia and even cure others from it! Mind Boggling!!  

Needless to say, (to date) servicing an estimated, over 20,000 people throughout my career, I have seen a lot of frustrated speakers, singers and just regular people with various voice/vocal problems. Was I their(s) first choice? In majority of cases, I, unfortunately for them, was not.

My, so-called “competition” have had much better marketing skills and resources while I had been busy creating the Vocal Science™ method and technique, to be able to coach, and (even more importantly) fix the voices and even the lives of voice/vocal disorder sufferers. I saved numerous people from vocal operations and returned them back to their regular and improved lives and their everyday careers.

Those who’ve lost their singing careers were able to “get back into their vocal shoes” - as one of our former singing voice repair client’s stated in her testimonial.

Please also check out the testimonials by various voice repair clients below…

The above listed are our former and present clients -  just to name a few.

So the proof is “in the pudding”, so to speak.

I hope that you, my readers, have been enjoying reading both articles; and therefore, on this premise, you will become even more-so selective with respect to whom you can trust your voice, your career and ultimately…your life.

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