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Non-Surgical Voice Repair. Do you have difficulties breathing or swallowing? Do you think you have asthma?


Voice Problems: Quick Surgical Procedure, Or ‘Not Too Quick’ Non-Surgical Treatment & Instruction? Weigh All The Facts…

Nevertheless, every day we are getting inquiries from people (professional speakers/singers or not) who evidently misused or over-used their speaking or singing voices. Due to that, a lot of them acquired some growth on their vocal cords like: polyps, nodules, lesions,cysts, etc. Needless to say, majority of them are looking for a quick fix, so to speak. They do not realize that there is not such a thing, as something has to change with respect to their voice-use and voice application. The wrong application of the voice while speaking or singing had got them in trouble in the first place.

So, by removing the growth surgically, they are only, somewhat and temporarily, fixing the “instrument”… but what about the “player”? The person who speaks or sings (in a manner of speaking) represents the “instrument” and the “player”.

Let’s visualize a piano player who is constantly hammering on that piano. Needless to say, that piano eventually becomes broken. No problem though, as that piano could …

Non-Surgical Voice Repair: Change what you can; manage what you cannot.

We care for you, and your voices, since 1984. Since 1984: We do fix voicesWe do transform livesWe do remove labels of some diagnoses(s) which had been imposed onto our clients voice conditions by some medical doctors

The medical professionals give the patients promises, which are implied to the voice recovery; but in reality, those promises (in majority of cases) never had been declared.
From our experience, the example would be where the ENT professional(s) suggests a vocal surgery and makes a promise to the patient that, after the surgery, their voice will be back to normal and there will be no consequences.
In reality though, the growth on the vocal cord(s) such as polyps or papillomas, can grow back in no time, as firstly, because that type of growth has a viral nature; and secondly, because the patients’ application of the voice had never changed. And, as we all know, there is no change without change.
If, in the first place, the growth on the vocal cords had occurred, that means th…