Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vocally and generally speaking... What are the benefits of voice/vocal instruction for children and adults?

Teaching now for over 40 years, I could right away sense if the child, or now adult, has ever been taking any activities which require mind/body coordination, like for example: Ballet, Gymnastics, Figure Skating and, of course, participating in some of the other recreational or professionally oriented events and sports. Those who did not do it I their childhood, could not literally “walk and chew the gum at the same time”, so to speak. Some of them could not walk a straight line, let alone on their tippy toes with their arms up, as per the requirements of Vocal Science Method and Technique.

Some of them simply do not possess any motor skills.

Their brain is not trained to give a command to their bodies, which in case of the voice training and voice powering, it requires a great deal to visualise how the physical sound travels, and then connect the sound to the upper back muscles, upper diaphragm and lower abdomen, to achieve the total voice performance, speaking, or furthermore, singing. 

Obviously, since the person’s vision is improving, as well as the person’s focus, nevertheless, the total coordination between the brain, sound and the body is achieved.

Once the person is in control of their actions and motions, needless to say, the person becomes more balanced, and thus gains confidence and self-esteem. The aforementioned person, (child and/or adult), learning how to listen and then how to hear the instructions, coupled and balanced with self-analysis.

And lastly, once the person has achieved all of the above mentioned skills, his/hers’ emotional makeup becomes that much stronger. Needless to say, that the social skills will be also improve exponentially.

So even if the parents think that their child might not become a professional Ballerina, professional Figure Skater or professional singer for that matter, the benefits which the child acquires during the training for whichever field, will be priceless and, nevertheless, will be carried throughout the child’s lifetime. As the foundation which the child gets’ while growing up, will define the quality of the child’s adulthood. 

Give your child or yourself the gift of skills and thus, a better quality of life.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vocally and otherwise speaking, The world, evidently, gone crazy… And, unfortunately, it looks like it could be to the point of no return.

Let’s examine what has happened to the world lately?

What has happened is that nobody speaks, especially on the phone. Everybody is texting and e-mailing and practically nobody communicates otherwise.  Not necessarily any of those people have a voice problem; and that’s why they are afraid to speak. But, all of them, however, independently, have a problem in common; they simply do not know how to communicate anymore, (voice problem or not).
Some of them, primarily young people, who were born in this technological craze, evidently, had never been taught either how to hand write, nor how to read actual books, (not the internet mishmash), and let along speak, as even passing school tests, they had to respond in writing; choosing one answer out of 3 or 5 choices (multiple choice method).

How scary is that? Some of them cannot even sign their own name, unless electronically!

In my world, those, (the above described people), are often inquiring about either singing or speech lessons or, moreover, about non-surgical voice repair for their damaged or per-damaged voices. And guess what, they do not choose to speak to me over the phone, and they are e-mailing or texting to “death” until I give up answering in writing, as first of all, it is very time consuming and a lot of things are getting lost in translation. Moreover, I explain to these people that in order for me to know what I will be dealing with, I NEED to HEAR THEIR VOICE!!!

2 Days ago, It took me almost 6 hours in total to convince the person, with obvious speech impediment, to actually call me. During that call, I found out that I was conversing over the cyberspace with a young girl who was an University of Toronto business graduate and who would definitely never be able to find a job, unless she would fix her voice and her actual speech, which, in turn, would give her confidence and the ability to pass the job interview. I had no clue if it was a male or female, as she happened to have a unisex African name, which could be suitable for any gender.
What does that tell you about our society today?

My evaluation on the latter would not be getting very high marks.

But what is most frustrating is not even as much the young population who don’t know otherwise, but my generation and older, who knew and experienced relatively good and fulfilling lives without any electronic interference and then lived happily ever after. However, nowadays, even them, sometimes in the late 70’s, refuse to speak on the phone and bombarding me with e-mails and requests to fix their problematic vocal issues via Facetime or Skype!

Go Figure!

What have they done for the last 60 years, and how did they manage to live and function without this electronic pollution, so to speak…

Beats me.

I personally feel very sad right now, as I am missing the times where and when, over my 30 year old business, I could speak with people over the phone, hear their voices, somewhat detecting the type of their personalities and then gladly was meeting them in person. Today, with all of this technology, I employ, minimum to say quadruple effort, and achieve, at best, to say less than a half results. Needless to say, the personal touch is greatly missing, and that I am mourning the most about.

The question is: if the people do not want to use their voice for any communication, why fix it? If they are, so to speak, being mute most of their awakened time, then why are they thriving to get their voices back? Isn’t that redundant?

In this society, to say it bluntly and sadly, they only need a “smart” phone and somewhat decent computer, and they are very well on their way…

It’s all good, but is it normal? Perhaps for the animals, it could be, but here, we are talking about human beings who, at least occasionally were (ordered by the Higher Power), to use their brains and their voices, for that matter.