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Voice Problems. What Kind Of Impact It Makes On People Surrounding the Person With The Voice Disorder?

Vocal Talent (or not) Vs Adequate (or inadequate) Vocal Anatomy… How do they interact with each other and what would be greater if you had a choice of one?

Having close to 40 years of experience of teaching and repairing voices, I accessed minimum to say over 20,000 people; some with talent, others without, some with good structure of the vocal anatomy and some did not actually have a physical structure suitable for any kind of singing, let alone professionally. Ultimately, the big mouth, the full lips, the good vocal box opening, would be desirable for anybody to become a singer of whichever calibre. 

It’s just like a classical ballet. 
The person who would want to embark on a classical ballet scene, would have to have certain lengths of the arms and legs, certain flexibility, slender physique, and a high instep. The physical requirements for that particular field are very strict. However, outside of the classical ballet, there are some other forms of dance where those particular requirements for the physical structure are not as important. 
A lot of components though, could be somewhat improved such as flexibility, body turnout and even t…