Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Voice/Vocal Power. How to acquire the most of it.

Quite a few people do not possess a good volume of their voices, especially while speaking. They do not necessarily have any kind of a problem with their voices, with the exception of low volume and unclear pronunciation of their words.

They usually speak softly and from the “middle of their throat”, so to speak. That means that the projection of their voices is, almost, non-existent, therefore, the annunciation and pronunciation of their words does not have any clarity. 

It is extremely hard to understand these people, even though most of the times; they speak the same language as everybody else. However, if on top of that they happen to be immigrants, in that case, to understand them becomes virtually impossible.

By utilizing the Vocal Science technique, which promotes the placement of the human voice, (speaking and/or singing), in the set of the sinus cavities, working in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles, the individual acquires a much fuller, more bodied, and thus louder and clearer sounding voice. Since the voice has been moved out of the chest and a vocal box out on the surface, the sound becomes much more present and could literally fly to further destinations.

The voice now is bouncing off of the upper pallet and behind the upper molars, while concurrently being supported by the upper back muscles, which in turn help to support the rib cage muscles, responsible for the width and body of the sound, and the lower abdominal muscles, which are responsible for the lift and height of the voice, being flown by the proper breath supply from underneath of the sound to serve as a fuel for the whole voice/vocal delivery.

Then, and only then, the speaker or the singer will, in a manner of speaking, ‘own’ their voice, in the full understanding of that word. That means that the volume of the voice will be adequate enough, the clarity will be sufficient and the pain or strain on the vocal anatomy will be non-existent.

Our motto is; work smart, not hard, and with the minimum effort, produce the designed and maximum desired result!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vocal Cord Surgery… Is it really performed free of charge? Also, what are the consequences?

In majority of times, people with voice disorders have been given suggestions by their ENT specialists’ to undergo a vocal cord surgery

In countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, the conventional medical care is offered supposedly "free of charge”. Let’s examine it and see if the “free”, is this context, is really free. 

Many times the local people, (those residing in Toronto), came to me seeking the alternative solution to surgical intervention.  When they "discovered" that they had to pay, however reasonable price for non-surgical voice repair services, they somewhat “paused” and then decided first to check back with their ENT specialists, (those whom they had originally seen). Nevertheless, the Doctors are still the Doctors.

They, one more time again, dismissed the alternative non-surgical voice repair treatment and lured these, so to speak, “victims” towards undergoing the surgical procedure. Those people naturally thought that the doctors cannot be bias, as them, as patients, will not “directly” be exchanging the money with the surgeon.

However, it never downed on them that the province of Ontario has the O.H.I.P. In place, (Ontario Health Insurance Plan; supported and paid by tax payers). So each surgical procedure of that sort would cost the O.H.I.P., at least $25,000 to $30,000, which means that the doctors themselves would get paid quite generously for their efforts. That said, I would charge hardly one tenth of that amount and, in the majority of times, would save those people from invasive surgical procedures which could cause scar tissue and even permanent voice loss, not to mention other nasty side effects. 

Also, people from the U.S., sometimes cannot even be seen by a specialist without the patient possessing medical insurance. The insurance in the U.S, especially for self-employed individuals, evidently, is very expensive. No wonder that residing in Canada and running the business for over 30 years, the majority of my Voice Repair clients are actually Americans. 

How ironic is that...?

The moral of it is; the people who live in Canada (Toronto in particular), have no idea how the system works. For some reason, they are not able to understand what they are paying for and what they are getting in return. They are choosing the invasive and often harmful procedures, thinking that they are actually saving some money. 

Obviously, the unawareness of these people, to say the least, is unprecedented. It is quite pathetic, but it is the fact. Have they won anything by looking for a quick and cheap fix?
The answer is NO. 

On the contrary, they have lost more than they found, they did not restore their voice or their health for that matter, and they did not do anything different, like learning a new voice/vocal technique, in order to prevent their vocal disorder from happening ever again.