Friday, May 17, 2013

Vocally Speaking... Transforming lives since 1984

It Could Be, Very Much So, A Life Altering Experience.

For the almost three decades of the Royans Professional Vocal School's existence, I've been attending to people of all walks of life -- all heights, weights, colours and genders.
Needless to say, some of them had more vocal talents than others; and some did not have any at all.
But all of them, evidently, wanted to express themselves through music.
Some of them came purely for singing lessons; some of them had other agendas.
A lot of them were trying to find themselves through the means of music and singing, as some of them were lacking their own identity.

The voice is an expression of a person's being. It is also an identification of who that person is.
Throughout my practice, I have sometimes pictured the person completely differently while talking to them on the phone.
Sometimes, for example, I wasn't quite sure if I was speaking with a woman or a man.
Those people, have been experiencing the most problems.

The women with extremely low and raspy voices, were sounding like males with a cold.
The men, with high soprano-like voices, were sounding like teenage girls.
I found that especially the above-decribed people, were extremely shy and timid, and needless to say, were lacking a great deal of confidence.
Interestingly enough, all of them thought that singing lessons would solve their problems, while in reality, they needed in depth speech development which would bring their voices, and their body in general, into much more balance.

By the way, by my observation, the above-described people usually do not possess an outstanding singing talent.
It does not however, mean that they will never be able to sing. But it means that their priority should be the proper speech and the proper conduct of their body and its posture.
They need to learn how to speak with conviction, clearly, and coherently.

My extensive experience shows that when I apply the Vocal Science™ method on one's voice, the total balance does occur.
Those who spoke with higher voices developed a bass underneath that voice. And yes, it may still be a little on the higher side, but it will sound like a male with a little bit higher voice, and not like a female.
Females on the other hand, will sound much more feminine, and will also be identified immediately as women with a little bit of a lower voice, which sometimes could pass for a desirable, sexy voice.

Now that the identity crisis is over, it is time to learn how to sing if it is so desired.
Now it will be so much easier, as the solid foundation has been laid via specially designed speech exercises and scripts.
The wholesome mechanism, which allows the voice to work in the fullest capacity possible, and with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy, has been instilled in one's mind, body and soul.
The voice has been built and now is ready to soar, speaking and singing.
The instrument -- and the player -- are both transformed and ready.

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