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Vocally Speaking; If your leg is broken, will it be wise to run a marathon, in a manner of speaking?

Vocally Speaking... Transforming lives since 1984

It Could Be, Very Much So, A Life Altering Experience.

For the almost three decades of the Royans Professional Vocal School's existence, I've been attending to people of all walks of life -- all heights, weights, colours and genders.
Needless to say, some of them had more vocal talents than others; and some did not have any at all.
But all of them, evidently, wanted to express themselves through music.
Some of them came purely for singing lessons; some of them had other agendas.
A lot of them were trying to find themselves through the means of music and singing, as some of them were lacking their own identity.

The voice is an expression of a person's being. It is also an identification of who that person is.
Throughout my practice, I have sometimes pictured the person completely differently while talking to them on the phone.
Sometimes, for example, I wasn't quite sure if I was speaking with a woman or a man.
Those people, have been experiencing the most problems.

The …

Vocal Science™ Technique: Challenges and Tips for Rock Singers

Evidently, Rock style singing requires more precise vocal technique than any other style.

The fact is, that Rock singers are using much more aggressive sounds and, in the majority of cases, they are almost forcing their voices to perform the high level of what I call, "Vocabatics".
I compare it to the "Snowbirds" airplane show here in Toronto at the CNE, where they do all kinds of aerobatics which indeed, are very fascinating to watch.
No doubt, that the pilots have to be very experienced and have a lot of flown hours under their belts, to perform a high intensity and synchronized show like that, in the air.

The Rock singing style is a very honest genre in my opinion.
You either can sing and put your voice almost through the ringer, or you can't.
You can not fake it.

Like figure skating, you can either jump a triple axel or acquire a serious injury if you don't know how.
It takes a lot of hours of training and proper technique to be able to survive five min…

Vocal Science Technique; Tips on How to Increase your Vocal Range and Hit the High Notes Safely.