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Voice Disorders - The symptoms and the causes - As it appears to be in some cases, the life coaching is definitely required

With respect of the voice disorders and voice problems, the symptoms are pretty much similar - the hoarseness, the difficulty to speak and/or to sing, raspy-ness, cracking and spasming voice, mucous-y and crackling voice and thus, unclear enunciation and pronunciation and sometimes a very muddy, deeply drowned, voice. The causes of the above, however, are all different. As I mentioned in my previous blog, that for example, the cause of spasmodic dysphonia is an emotional and neurological disorder. But with respect of the growth on the vocal cords like nodes, nodules, polyps, is just simply an unawareness of the proper application of the voice, speaking or singing. Peculiarly enough, after a singer, for example, acquires some growth on their vocal anatomy, he/she becomes emotionally disturbed and troubled. Now he/she too needs life coaching, to restore the emotional balance besides the physical one. So, as you see, the symptoms could be quite similar, but the causes definite

Spasmodic Dysphonia - The cause and... The cure? Is it possible?

Lately, more and more inquiries I get are from the people who suffer from a very nasty "voice disorder" called spasmodic dysphonia. I a real sense, it is not even a voice disorder - it is more so a neurological disorder, the symptom of which is, the uncontrollably spasming voice. The cause of it does not at all lie in the voice, as strange as it sounds. The spastic voice is just a symptom. My very recent US client, diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia disorder, naturally thought that something just incidentally, happened to her voice. She was diagnosed by her doctor, but was never advised what she could do about it. When I got her and her husband on the phone, I naturally started to ask them questions with respect of how and when that happened and of course, if they could think of anything that could have triggered that condition. They both replied that their lives were pretty much free of stress and they couldn't see or think of any possible cause of that dis

Vocally Speaking - No Matter What Anybody Says, Size Matters...

Sexually speaking, there is a myth suggesting that the size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it...? I highly disagree with such notion.  Size matters always and in all instances.  Let's say your shoe size is 8, but you are offered a shoe of size 10 or size 5. Would you be able to wear it with comfort?  I personally don't think so.  We are all different sizes, weights and heights and respectively, our internal and external organs are different in sizes and appearances as well.  The sound produced by the singer very much so depends on his height, weight, and the actual circumference of his/her body. For example, if the person is tall and slender, usually that person would have longer and thinner vocal cords.  Therefore, there is a myth that the opera singers with big and rich voices, are naturally big and fat.  Big in sizes, maybe, but being fat, not necessarily, and actually can be counter productive.  In any case, the human b