Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where is Live Show Auto-Tune When You Need it? Has the whole world gone deaf?

Rhianna video:

Is she the "only girl in the world" who cannot sing live in tune? 


Yesterday, I happened to catch a kids show called "Next Star". It is formatted the same way as the Canadian Idol used to be, or for that matter, American Idol is. There are judges and there are young kids voting for other supposedly vocally sound young kids who are taking the stage. Pretty innocent concept, but not only kids for the kids show and adults for the adult show cannot differentiate good notes from bad notes, in tune or off tune singing, but judges are definitely getting more deaf than ever.  Maybe that happened because for all of these years, they've been listening to bad singing and partially (hopefully not yet completely) lost their hearing. Or maybe they gave up on the idea that somebody actually can sing in tune and remotely resemble what once was called music and singing in particular.

This is a big riddle and still remains to be unsolved...

On that kid's show yesterday, during the last 6 "BEST" finalists, they were praising out of their wits a couple of semi-tone deaf girls (to put it mildly) and been calling them Divas! I understand you have to have a nice and positive attitude towards children, but how did they end up in the finale? Does that mean that the rest of them were completely and utterly tone deaf and with no hope? It makes me wonder and it makes me sad. For a fact, I know that Canada possesses a lot of talent. There are a lot of wonderfully talented kids as well as adults who for whichever reason never get discovered. Why? I don't know. This mystery remains to be unsolved. But I seriously believe that society conditions us to worse and worse singing and moreover, that hardly bearable singing is passed and accepted FOR THE STANDARD...?

One of my colleagues listening to Rhianna's live performance of "Only Girl in The World" said "Why doesn't she just lip sync? It would be less embarrassing." I replied, "Don't worry. They're working on live show auto-tunes now, so soon, they will stop destroying our ears, but they, no doubts, will destroy our hearts and souls."

How disheartening is that?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vocally Speaking
Internal Auto-Tune
What does that mean?

Nowadays, almost every artist and especially 'so called' artist in the recording studio using auto-tune and, or a more modern version of it,  Melodine. What's that, the not so musically experienced reader may ask? That is the computer software which is designed to correct pitch for semi tone-deaf "artists". Many years ago, I received a call from one of the recording studios pleading for help. The person who called me was almost screaming over and over "Please help, our bands are breaking auto-tune"!

How so, I exclaimed! Is it even possible? Apparently, IT WAS!

Next, When I went to a prominent recording studio with my client, I asked a well known engineer/producer if it is actually possible to "break" an auto-tune? He said "absolutely"! He explained that it meant that the singer of the band was so far off in pitch, that even auto-tune was unable to correct it. Those days, the melodine software was not available yet. (It probably would be able to tolerate more). Either way, wouldn't it be easier if the singer would've had a talent in the first place and also would've been taught how to access his "internal auto-tune" through vocal training?

Once the artist is able to access his voice more so by design and not just by "playing it by ear", the pitch and improved and distinct tone in the vocal performance should not be a problem. When the alignment between subconscious and conscious mind is achieved, as well as connection  between the "picture" instilled in the mind and the physical body, which plays the role of "the so to speak instrument" is also achieved, the voice in its entirety and purity will be sent to it's aimed destination in its perfect pitch and desired projection.

This is "in a nutshell" a description of how the "Vocal Science™" method works. In other words, "work smart, sing in tune and comply with standerds of professional singing"...


Thursday, May 19, 2011

“The Voice”
What does it entail? "
All Talents, All Voices, All Looks, All Walks of Life
The purpose...?

“The voice” is a new television show which at a glance has a very commendable purpose. The Judges are trying to find the true vocal talent independently of age, looks, and even performance skills. WOW! I first exclaimed! “My prayers were answered” I thought. The whole thing is about the voice and the voice only!
I have to admit that so far out of all the vocal competitions we have seen, the contestants chosen during the “blind auditions” are the strongest ever! 
The beauty of this show is that all the contestants are definitely vocally sound, but in my opinion, it is a little hard at times to accept their appearance.

Some of them are middle-aged and appear to be quite “un-groomed.” And some of them are even somewhat scruffy looking. But that is not the end of the world. The peculiar thing is that not one of them during their interviews and off stage appearances said that they are participating in the show for the love of music and singing in particular! In fact, practically all of them were saying that their dream to become a celebrity artist is to help their families… 

Go figure!
What about their heart and soul? What about their passion?

They’ve been given a chance of a lifetime to express themselves fully and without any prejudice and have presumably mercantile agendas. In other words, they are treating this competition in the same fashion as buying some lottery tickets in hopes to win and improve their financial situation…!

Should that be a true motive? Or should these chosen people be happy that their very hidden talents are actually getting discovered and uncovered against all odds and might even be given a chance to explode worldwide?