Monday, April 4, 2011

American Idol Part II - Stop Fireworks and African Dance Safari

As I mentioned in my previous blog, at the beginning of this season of American Idol, I thought it would be stronger then ever. At least the auditions did suggest that finally the judges chose the top American singers to compete amongst each other. As the show progressed to the top 12, not only their singing abilities started to subside, but more and more showmanship started to thrive. They did everything, but not to much singing. We’ve seen fireworks and have witnessed the African Dance, but singing…? What that had to do with it? Evidently, Not Too Much! The judges were extremely fascinated by the African Dance, but didn’t not pay much attention that the voice of the female contestant which was quite limited and definitely very pitchy. Then the rock and roll contestant came along and O’ Boy! We had the whole “Cirque Du Soleil” on stage. I’m trying to recall what he was singing, but for the life of me I cannot remember. One more time again the judges were fascinated and especially with the show, but SINGING…What was that about?

I honestly can say that only one female contestant presented her singing (less the circus) up to standards. However, judges through out her last several appearances were commenting that she’s been singing only ballads and so to speak, not jumping around enough…?

They could not clue in that in her case she actually didn’t have to jump around, as she ACTUALLY WAS SINGING, and looked and presented herself as a real Diva, where to my surprise, the very judges acknowledged her as one. They even compared her with Celine Dion and on that note I have to say that throughout all 80’s and 90’s I was absolutely flabbergasted by her Diva performances and for me it reached the absolute culmination in 1997 and 1998 when she performed at the ACC the songs like “My Heart Will Go On”, from the movie “Titanic” and other beautiful ballads like “Tell Him” in duet with Barbra Streisand.

No doubts, Ceine Dion acted, looked, and sung like an absolute Diva.

Then she took a break to deliver her first child and then, shortly after, she has gotten an engagement in Las Vegas. When I looked at the preview, I said right away “What happened to her? Did she change her profession and now she became a circus artist? She was jumping and tumbling around like a circus artist clearly taking away from her Diva image which I once loved very much.” In January 2006 I happened to be in Las Vegas and took upon a lot of shows, but Celine Dion’s show wasn’t one of them. I also referred to it as “Cirque Du Soleil” performance, not even knowing that the producer of that show was actually the producer of “Cirque Du Soleil” GO FIGURE!

Call me old fashioned, but when I’m going to see the concert (and the last one was Lady Gaga‘s) I’m hoping that I will have something valuable for my ears, rather than only for my eyes. If you’re interested about my opinion, with respect to that concert, please read my previous blog:

That performance by Lady Gaga was even beyond “Cirque Du Soleil” if it is at all possible!

On this note I just have learned that CTV will be airing a new show called “The Voice” where the celebrity judges will be picking out their contestants BLINDLY without seeing them or their performances.

“In the first two weeks, singers compete in the blind auditions where the coaches can only hear “the voice”, and not see the competitors. When they like someone, the coaches hit their “I Want You Button” to select singers for their team, turning around in their chairs to see them for the first time. After selecting competitors based solely on their vocals, the judges battle to keep their singers in the competition, enlisting the help of their personal songwriters, producers, and high-powered friends to help their teams evolve.”

Isn’t that a REVOLUTION!!!

Finally!!! Ordinary people and celebrates are in agreement with that when it is about a SINGER it first of all has to be about the VOICE and everything else is secondary.

However, don’t get me wrong; I don’t deny the performance, good looks and sex appeal. Needless to say though, all of the above should not be used INSTEAD OF SINGING, but rather moderately along with IT!