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Today, after 30 hours of non-surgical voice repair, speaking and singing instruction and herbal treatment, we are saying goodbye to our New York client, John Polanco.  With his permission, we would like to share his story with you, our readers.   Ever since he was a young boy, he had a real passion for singing. He discovered that singing, especially in his native language  (Spanish) made him very happy and very joyous.  He began to sing with friends at parties and by himself. Many people (his musician friends included) were giving him advice on how to sing better. He had carefully listened to them and tried to adapt all of the new "techniques" they were suggesting him to employ. He was also imitating all if the famous and not so famous Spanish singers and he loved doing it, until he noticed that his voice did not perform the same anymore. He tried to push and pull his voice until he could not do it any longer.  That was 20 years ago and he decide

If you are unable (for whichever reason) to fly to Canada, we will fly to you...

What do we mean by that statement?   Given the political situation nowadays, we have decided to increase our travel regime to our clients.  Of course, we have done it before when clients were requesting us to do so. Now we are coming to you, (our potential clients), and are offering it to you outright to save you the hassle of traveling to a foreign country and, concurrently, to give you an opportunity to pursue your everyday routines with your children/parents, spouses and, if needed, work. We also understand that with the advisory being issued for international air travel, it became a little scary for some of our potential clients. We, (operating under the “Royans Universe”), feel quite safe to travel to you to fix your voice . So if the fear of terrorism is preventing you from traveling to us, (nevertheless, for a very good deed – to conquer your voice problems ), we are more than willing to come to you to solve all of your voice issues . We are rea

Voice Repair. Pre-New Year's Resolution. Should you wait any longer to fix your voice problems?

Yes, of course, you can convince yourself to postpone it until next year, as you now will be busy with the holidays, holiday shopping, your children and whatnot. But should you really wait and put it on the back burner? Some things in our lives cannot wait for better days or better weather. For example,  Muscle Tension Dysphonia  (MTD)   could easily turn to Spasmodic Dysphonia , (which is definitely not going to be fun), and any growth on the vocal cords such as polyps , nodules , lesions and what have you, could turn into a cancer of throat , especially if emotionally induced. Our non-surgical voice repair method is truly accelerated and we provide the healing of all voice disorders at the speed of light.  I would like to offer you one of the examples which I cannot forget for, already, a few years now.  I have received an email from a very distraught woman who is a singer/songwriter and a solo guitar player. This is her story: Few years before the email to me

Vocal Science. Practice makes perfect… but not always.

Over the years, I have possessed a lot of singers (or wannabe singers), and also speakers who originally came to me for non-surgicalvoice repair to restore their speaking and singing voices. Now, after certain amount of hours spent with me restoring their voices and re-learning how to really speak and/or sing , they naturally became very excited and began to practice on their own, in spite of my warnings to them to keep it in moderation.  I do understand that they are very excited to reach the new higher grounds with their speaking and singing voices, but they do not understand that the bad habits, which got them in trouble in the first place, are still there and have been there much longer then the newly – found good habits. There is a saying: “Bad habits die hard”.   Indeed!  So what happens is; once my clients start practicing on their own sooner than they were advised, the bad habits kick in and knock down the newly-instilled good habits.  So the process begi

Danger!!! Do not attempt to do any vocal exercises over the Internet or using related CD's or even DVD's. Your voice may be in jeopardy!

We are not trying to spook you for Halloween. This is actually the truth!   Due to the Internet being so accessible virtually by everybody, a lot of people think that they could find the answer and the solution to every problem they’ve got. In majority of cases, they might; but in some cases, it’s just simply not possible. We just got yet another client who literally explored all the internet sites available on earth, and ended up coming to us with an obstruction on the right vocal cord/larynx and, somewhat, mild symptoms of muscle tension dysphonia. He was pushing and pulling his voice to the max, (almost to the point of no return). He followed numerous methods and instructions and had done lots of speech and singing exercises, which lead him to the obvious damage of his vocal anatomy. Being born and raised in New Zealand having a specific accent, his voice was very low positioned and his speech was hardly understood. Needless to say, he spoke ver

Finding Your Voice… Vocal Channeling – What Is That? And How To Find It Within You?

In our roster, we have more and more people coming to us for voice repair and voice restoration , but they are also coming to actually “find” their voice. We have clients who come to us with various voice/vocal issues and who have already tried everything else, especially through the means of the Internet. Some of those people are very "computer savvy" and are able to deeply surf and navigate voice-related sites. Evidently, they have been trying to save money, so they would not have to travel anywhere to rectify their voice problems and, instead, were trying to do it on their own and from the comfort of their home. Needless to say that eventually, accomplishing nothing to what they were looking for, they actually managed to make their voice/vocal issues even more pronounced and, in some cases. completely  non-repairable (at least with a non-surgical approach) ... I really like one of the commercials for men’s weight loss (that is running very often