Thursday, August 29, 2019

Voice Repair Case Study: Strained Vocal Cords, Vocal Fatigue, Throat Pain, Hoarse and Raspy Voice…

This is a case study of Ashok N - Former Non-Surgical Voice Repair Client of South Africa:

Ashok N, of Indian descent, came to us from South Africa in 2008. We were actually supposed to receive this wonderful, smart and educated man in 2005. In order to come to us, Ashok applied for two visas, where’s his wife and son were included - the one was for the UK and the other one was for Toronto, Canada,  Due to the fact that he included his family, he was refused both visas - and only ended up with us three years later and finally arrived at us in December of 2008.

The fact was that Ashok owned three companies:
 - one in South Africa
 - One in Botswana
 - And one in India

To run those companies, it was required for Ashok to do public presentations and run rather large workshops and seminars. He did so for quite a few years until he strained his vocal cords and thus his voice started to sound raspy and hoarse - also causing him a lot of throat pain. This wonderful human being tried absolutely everything to rectify his voice problems but, unfortunately, to no avail.
He actually (from his own words) was waking up at 4:00 am to do yoga and eat raw foods and vegetables. He did acupuncture, massages on his throat and, needless to say, completely useless speech exercises - suggested to him by numerous speech therapists and speech pathologists.
He felt that his business career might soon come to an end, as it was more and more difficult for him to speak while he was experiencing excruciating pain in his throat and had to clear his throat every two minutes. I, evidentially, was his last hope.

He finally arrived at us on December the 8th of 2008 for just 20 hours of instruction and treatment. After the first day and his first night at the Novatel Hotel, here in Toronto, I asked Ashok if he woke up at 4:00 am, did yoga and ate the raw fruits and vegetables… He smiled at me and said: “No, Diana. I woke up at 10:00 am, as I was watching movies in my hotel room until 2:00 am - and then ate a full Canadian breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant.”  “If I continue in this fashion for much longer (he said jokingly), I will become completely Canadian and then my wife just might divorce me…”
As you can probably sense, my reader, it was indeed a very memorable voice repair course - containing a lot of education, healing, fun and enormous gratitude from my client. Interestingly enough, when Ashok finally landed in Toronto, his luggage was lost. 

He wasn’t worrying too much about his clothes, but he exclaimed: “But Diana. In my luggage was your Amarula.”
I asked: “What’s that?”

He explained that it was a very fine liquor which he brought specifically for me to try.
It was very nice of him, but go figure…

Needless to say that within 5 days, I had recovered his voice and taught him how to speak professionally; using proper support, structure, placement and projection of his voice. I also taught him how to power his voice to its max while concurrently delivering his voice to its aimed destination.

Ashok also came with the voice which had a little higher tone than a man of his age and his demeanour should have had. I was able to correct it also - however, I was wondering why didn’t his voice become a little lower than I expected…?

At that time, Ashok and his wife had a 10-year-old son. During our course of action and treatment, I’ve learned that Ashok and his wife were desperately trying to conceive a second child - but that also was to no avail. Once I completed Ashok’s 20-hour voice repair course and treatment, I knew (judging by his higher tone of voice than expected by me), there was something else that was wrong.
Then I asked Ashok if he checked his testosterone levels lately… He looked at me funny as, at that moment, he - along with me - realized that his higher tone of voice was relating not only to the “drowned-like” sound of his voice in the lower throat position, but it also was related to the lower levels of testosterone in his body.

In this instance, the latter perfectly explained why these two wonderful people (Ashok and his wife) had difficulties conceiving another child. Unfortunately, given this very busy life, Ashok and I lost communication as the years were passing by. So I have no way of knowing if they succeeded in the aforementioned matter.

But I know for a fact that Ashok’s voice was back to normal and even better than ever before, as he continued his practices on his own, watched his diet and took his supplements (suggested by me) religiously. His career, and thus his livelihood, was definitely saved!

From our side, we applaud this wonderful human being who definitely possessed a very positive attitude of gratitude throughout the whole (I might say, not very easy) process!!

Way to go, Man!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Suffering from voice disorders like Sulcus Vocalis, Muscle tension Dysphonia or, perhaps, even Spasmodic Dysphonia? We can help!

We specialize in a unique form of voice restoration and enhancement - designed for those who suffer from voice disorders, vocal disorders, vocal cord damage and speaking and singing voice problems overall.

Since 1984, we have serviced over an estimated 25,000 (combined) students and clients who have been coming to us for non-surgical voice repair sessions and treatments.

The school originally started as The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts. Since 1987, we started specializing in singing and speaking only. We stopped teaching piano, guitar, violin and other instruments. So, given that, the school got renamed to the Royans Professional Vocal School.

In 1989, I myself acquired an, evidentially, emotionally-induced vocal problem. I have to say that, at first, I had tried to rectify that problem via help offered by medical professionals - but, unfortunately, to no avail.

Luckily, by a company named Nature’s Sunshine, I was addressed to a place which used to be called Health With Herbs. The practitioner who I was addressed to and who is, to date, my friend and associate, introduced me to a natural and holistic approach to health.

Her very first words to me were “Diana, your voice problem has nothing to do with your voice”. 

“How so?” I exclaimed…!

She enlightened me about what could cause my voice problem. During those sessions, I realized that I was emotionally disturbed due to my very emotionally abusive marriage which caused huge stress overall. Apparently, my thyroid was the main problem. I was explained, at that time, that the thyroid, in fact, represents suppressed emotions.

Didn’t it ever…?

Due to that fact, my voice was unable to pass through the needed channels in my anatomy - and thus, I lost all my singing range and the quality of my voice, as it actually deepened at least a tone down. I was devastated, as I have been singing since age 5 and teaching singing since age 17. My livelihood was in jeopardy, to say the least.

By that very natural holistic practitioner, I was offered to take a course - conducted by her - on the holistic approach to health. I also was offered to learn iridology (the science of the iris), the use and application of the natural herbs and remedies, as well as nutrition.

After learning all of the above and then passing the exam with high marks, I began to practice what I was taught. I cannot be grateful enough for the knowledge I had received, which I am using up to this day for myself, my family and my clients.

Continuing teaching voice (speaking and singing), I was more and more using my knowledge in a natural approach to any voice problems - which had then gown into more profound knowledge about voice disorders, voice problems and issues.

My very unique Vocal Science™ method had gotten “married” to the natural and holistic health methods which began to play a crucial role in voice recovery, restoration and enhancement. Since my approach - for many years now - is indeed natural and holistic, the “labels” (which the medical profession suggests) do not actually make any difference in voice recovery… What makes the difference is the “installation” of a certain “mechanism” (in a manner of speaking) in one’s brain.

In this instance, the human brain gives the appropriate commands to the physical body first, and then respectively, to the voice to do exactly what it has been programmed to do. In fact, overall, the nature of vocal problems is usually mechanical and a lot of those vocal issues, nonetheless, are emotionally induced. Mine, in fact, was not mechanical, but - nevertheless - it was emotionally induced.

It had not only effected my voice, but effected a lot of my other organs and, no doubts, the former had provoked some diseases which I inherited from my parents.

For example, my father had been suffering from asthma for almost all his life. When I had my voice problem, the very first thing I acquired was a severe asthma - which I had never experienced before. There were other health problems which I had to conquer via my newly-adopted-and-embraced knowledge.

I also learned how to use the natural herbal and - even some homeopathic – remedies to enhance the health of not only my voice, but also my health in general.

As for nowadays, stress for people around the world is prevailing, and thus more and more people have been experiencing voice and other related - and unrelated - health problems. So, nonetheless, the approach to those problems can be one and only - which is holistic and natural.

Once I collect the history of the client’s life, I (more or less) know what factors of their lives had plaid the role in the loss of voice and/or various voice disorders which they had acquired.

In almost all cases, the “application” of the speaking and singing voice has to be completely changed.

Like, for example, when a patient is diagnosed with the Muscle Tension Dysphonia voice disorder, their voice tends to get “stuck” within their neck muscles. It is a nasty disorder which makes the patient’s voice raspy and hoarse - or sometimes even whispery and breathy.

To “unstuck” that voice from the neck muscles is a real ordeal, to say the least. It is very “manually-induced” work for myself and my client. We are literally working on each syllable and vowel of the word(s).

Ultimately (and this applies to all voice disorders) we have to “unstuck” and lift that voice off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords, and literally re-channel it into the different set of muscles (the facial cavities) - which will, in turn, begin to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles - which will support the lift of the sound, as well as the actual height and width (the body of the sound).

The upper back muscles also will be helping the upper diaphragm muscles to stay intact and assure the full body of the sound. The facial muscles have to be strong enough to be able to harbor the sound which is (by itself) a physical material body; thus, the above allows the sound to travel in a circular direction - and nevertheless, relatively, respectively and prospectively to the height and width of one’s physical body (the “instrument”). Now to perfect that “mechanism” which will allow the human voice to work in its fullest capacity possible, we have to establish its components:

- Abdominal support
- Structure of the sound
- Placement of the sound
- And lastly, projection of the sound to its aimed destination.

The above components apply for both speaking and singing voice and certainly allow for the harmful pressure of the sound to be removed. In this instance, the voice becomes restructured and thus moved to its “safe haven” - so to speak.

Once it’s done and the vocal anatomy is “resting”, the application of the natural herbs and some homeopathic remedies will take place.

Having the vocal box and vocal anatomy overall freed up, the healing process will begin that much faster and will become that much more effective and efficient. Now the flora of the vocal anatomy will be on its way to healing and recovery; so the voice (even if it was previously damaged) will begin to soar “straight to the universe – where the sky is the limit”.

The above approach applies to practically every voice disorder - however, in each different case, it could contain some various components of the matter, as still… no case can be exactly the same!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Vocal Science™ - Strategic Response! Do you have a voice/vocal problem…? We have a strategic approach to rectify it.

We would identify the cause of your voice issues and then we will find the solution for the appropriate alternative/holistic treatment which, in the majority of cases, will lead to a desirable cure!!

In February of 1984, The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts was founded. Just over 7 years onward, it turned into The Royans Professional Vocal School, as we started to specialize in voice and vocals only. 

At that time, a lot of singers (and speakers, for that matter) successfully completed their programs with us and went on their merry way to their singing performances, public speaking careers, as well as to working in the media channels like radio and television.

Then, evidently, life became much more stressful due to (at that time) an enormous demand on human skills. Like figure skaters and gymnasts, the singers and speakers started experiencing a lot of trauma caused by various injuries in their field. By the end of the 80’s, my own stress took over my life and I too was experiencing some problems with my singing voice.

After looking for the cause and for solutions on how to rectify my vocal issues, I finally came across the natural herbal remedies as well as some homeopathic remedies to enhance the healing of my vocal anatomy and, more so, my thyroid gland - which I’ve learned that, according to holistic teachings, is actually responsible for suppressed emotions which affect the human voice (speaking and singing) a great deal…

In my case, once I realized that my marriage and a load of my business was causing me a lot of stress and a lot of unrealized feelings and emotions, I've learned how to approach and thus rectify my physical and emotional problems. And then, respectively, I’ve learned how to implement my very unique vocal technique into the equation. Once I was on the other side of things, I began my now-enhanced practice of a holistic approach to voice mechanics and to the person as a whole.

That was a stage one to be able to treat, and then get cured of all of my vocal issues, as well as, concurrently, from all of my personal life problems. Stage two began when I realized that I could help a great deal to people who are experiencing voice/vocal problems and also problems in life in general.

Before I begin any of the voice repairs, I do a full assessment and evaluation of the voice/vocal problems and mainly their cause(s). Some voice/vocal problems are being induced by a wrong application of their voice, i.e., inadequate voice/vocal technique. The latter is not a very complicated cure. But a lot of times, the causes of the vocal issues are deeply stowed beneath the present symptoms. That’s where the real strategy - with respect to how to approach the voice matter(s) - takes place.

If the person is open to undergo an honest/deep assessment for the sheer fact that they really want to rectify all of the above-mentioned causes, it should not be that difficult to put the person of interest on the right track to achieve a complete balance. Needless to say, their healing will begin almost instantaneously. On the other hand, if the person is not-too-open to reveal their external (and, mainly, internal) problems, it makes the healing a little more complicated.

The technical side of things is usually not a big problem, but the disturbed emotional make-up could be a real stopper to the healing progress. At this point, the very gentle and subtle approach will have to be strategized… Both the former and the latter play a very important role in one’s recovery. The integration and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components should be present at any given times, or otherwise, the balance between the brain, motor skills and the voice as an outcome, cannot be achieved.

Physical fitness is also a very important variable in the above equation. Diet and environmental factors are also very important. Each case, nevertheless, is very different and very unique in its own kind. Therefore, the approach to all of the problems - not just voice/vocal - has to be completely individualized and, for that matter, properly “tutored”. No doubt, the process described above is quite complicated, but definitely achievable, given that the approach to each and every problem(s) - vocal or otherwise - is completely strategized and catered to each individual on a very subtle and, nonetheless, cellular level.

To conclude:

The above is definitely not for the faint of heart - revealed a 1999 Toronto Star newspaper article. However, from our side, we can promise that when this complex process is complete, you will become a much happier, much healthier and much more vocally sound and energized' person. So if you are open to embarking onto this life-altering experience described above, we will welcome you under our roof and under our exceptional, highly-individualized care!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Vocal Rehab: Private Tutoring and Exceptional Voice Care.

The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, under the umbrella of The Royans Professional Vocal School, for over 36 years now, is offering one-of-a-kind vocal rehab to those with various voice disorders.

We have - estimated over 25,000 - speech and singing students as well as various clients coming to us from all over the world for non-surgical voice repair tutelage and natural herbal treatment to rectify their voice/vocal problems.

Especially for those who come to us from out of town/out of the country, we provide a full term of private care, and not only for their vocal condition(s)…

We provide our clients with:
  • Accommodation during their stay
  • Transportation (if needed) to and from our studio
  • With complimentary lunches
  • With the initial voice repair herbal kit
  • And now, even offering a supplement for their flight to us
Of course, some conditions apply to the above.


During their stay, we advocate our own Government trademarked method named Vocal Science™; and it’s, without a doubt, a totally revolutionary approach to voice mechanics and the person as a whole. We obtain the whole history of our clients’ behaviour - like dietary habits, general health conditions, we assess their emotional makeup, and nonetheless, we identify the possible causes of their vocal problems. We summarize all the facts provided to us by the client and find the optimum solution for their recovery on every level.

In all of my previous publications, I’ve always said that “in a healthy body will live a healthy spirit”. In my book “Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe”, I had pointed out numerous times that the voice identifies with a person’s spirit… And if the human spirit is down, everything else will be down - voice included. Our program is definitely not for the “faint of heart” - and, nevertheless, not for people with a below-average IQ. Our program is extremely intense and definitely requires physical, mental and emotional fitness in order to acquire a “vocal fitness”, in a manner of speaking.

After reading the above, ask yourself a question… Are you ready for the described-above ordeal? If your answer is yes, we will be happy to harbour you under our roof. In that instance, we will guarantee you our best and completely unprecedented efforts which have never failed!

However, on this note, please remember - it takes “two to tango”, therefore we require all of the above-described, as well as complete compliance with our very unique instruction and treatment and, nonetheless, also an appreciation of our efforts employed, coupled with loyalty.

We hope to see you soon.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

What Is the Nature and also the Cause of Spasmodic Dysphonia? Case Studies:

Is Spasmodic Dysphonia always the cause of a spasming and/ or generally-malfunctioning voice, or could it be just multiple - and very nasty - symptoms induced by the injury(s) occurred within the vocal anatomy?

Over many years, I have been tending to numerous of people with the diagnosis of Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD). I would like (down the road) to present to you (my reader) several cases with different causes, treatments and outcomes after all of the above:

About the latest case of Tanya G, you already know in general that Tanya came to us to Toronto, Canada all the way from New Zealand in hopes of the complete recovery of her voice from her Abductor SD.

Let’s examine what the very specific instruction and treatment process actually entailed and whether or not it was possible to achieve a complete cure of a generally-incurable voice disorder within only 50 hours of instruction and treatment.

In a nutshell, below is Tanya’s story:

Tanya told me that before such occurrence, she was a very loud and flamboyant person. She also told me that she used to teach fitness classes (up to 7 classes a week) which, after her vocal injury, she had to downsize her workload to only 2 classes a week.

Her voice (according to Tanya) started gradually subsiding; but naturally, she could not agree with that and continued using her voice like before - and even in a more intensive manner, pushing it and pulling it to the max until it “snapped”.

Within 3 years of the first signs of damaged voice, her voice began spasming uncontrollably and her vocal cords were not coming back together in sync, as if they were hitting some obstruction on the right side of her vocal anatomy.

During our sessions, I did not at all think that the nature of her vocal injury is neurological or neurologically induced. Now thinking about her case thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that there were symptoms of hit-and-missed signals between her brain and her injured larynx which, in turn, was producing a disturbing sound; actually suggesting some neurological damage to the nerve endings. However, I still would qualify her case induced by mechanical damage due to overuse and misuse her voice prior to her injury. In other words, her voice was somewhat sounding as if it had a neurological nature to start with; but those neurologically-induced symptoms, in my opinion, were a consequence of the physical/mechanical damage - and definitely not otherwise.

Once I combined my instruction with the special body movements, which were commanding Tanya’s brain to give a proper signal to her vocal anatomy (vocal folds and larynx), we were able to achieve a completely clear and clean sound.

The above, as far as I am concerned, absolutely (and nonetheless, against all odds) proves my point.

The above manipulations between the brain employed motor skills and the voice as an outcome, suggested that numerous repetition of the latter would eventually condition Tanya’s brain to give the proper and balanced command to her physical body and thus her voice as well - as an outcome of the above described.

20 years ago, our prominent Toronto newspaper, “The Toronto Star”, once said that the Vocal Science method - whereas the technique of which is a holistic approach to voice mechanics and to the person as a whole - is definitely “not for the faint of heart”.

The Vocal Science™ method requires total fitness as well as coordination and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components. The person in question needs to understand the concept and nature of the treatment from the physical point of view, as well as from the kinaesthetic side of things - and then make a substantial effort to retain both variables.

In this instance, the natural herbal treatment is also advocated - as those potent remedies also play an essential role in ones’ healing. We are talking about healing of the disturbed vocal anatomy, as well as the physical body an emotional aspects of such matter.

So as you see, my reader, it is a very complex and highly-intense situation, but it works - and thus, given a sufficient amount of time, the patient (against all odds) could even opt for a total recovery on every level.

Tanya just texted us that she safely arrived back to New Zealand. This woman is a real trooper and the real McCoy! We know that the best is yet to come for her and we want to see her reaching her original state of happiness and prosperity forward!

In the next series of blogs on the same topic, we will profile quite a few more cases of SD of different kinds and different outcomes.

Stay tuned!