Wednesday, November 25, 2015

If you are unable (for whichever reason) to fly to Canada, we will fly to you...

What do we mean by that statement?  

Given the political situation nowadays, we have decided to increase our travel regime to our clients. 

Of course, we have done it before when clients were requesting us to do so. Now we are coming to you, (our potential clients), and are offering it to you outright to save you the hassle of traveling to a foreign country and, concurrently, to give you an opportunity to pursue your everyday routines with your children/parents, spouses and, if needed, work.

We also understand that with the advisory being issued for international air travel, it became a little scary for some of our potential clients. We, (operating under the “Royans Universe”), feel quite safe to travel to you to fix your voice.

So if the fear of terrorism is preventing you from traveling to us, (nevertheless, for a very good deed – to conquer your voice problems), we are more than willing to come to you to solve all of your voice issues. We are reaching out to you to make a New Year’s Resolution, (no matter what is happening with you personally or around the world globally), and reward yourself with a new voice, a new rejuvenated spirit and enhanced health overall. 

After all, if you are lacking any of the above, you are not going to be as happy as you can be achieving your goal of becoming a better, well understood communicator or a better singer/performer for that matter. If your spirit is low and you feel (most of the times) upset and depressed, (due to your voice issues), then your life may seem to be losing its meaning. The Voice, in fact, (by my definition and common sense in general), is your spirit. It certainly identifies and reflects the state of your being. 

I had voice repair clients in my practice who were trying to take their own lives (multiple times), as nobody could help them with their voice issues or even simply identify their voice problem to begin with, and for many years on end. If the person feels that way and has suffered enough due to their voice disorder, their everyday life becomes a burden to them and, in the majority of times, the fear of never being able to fix their voice and to bring it back to its normal state, supersedes any other fears they may have. 

No advisory and restrictions due to terrorism, or anything else serious like that (for that matter), will ever stop these types of individuals from pursuing their voice treatment or, moreover, a possible cure.

And, I think, (understandably), rightfully so.

However, for everybody like them and everybody like you, we are still ready to “carry the torch”, so to speak.

We are here if you really need us and we will be there if we are needed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Voice Repair. Pre-New Year's Resolution. Should you wait any longer to fix your voice problems?

Yes, of course, you can convince yourself to postpone it until next year, as you now will be busy with the holidays, holiday shopping, your children and whatnot. But should you really wait and put it on the back burner? Some things in our lives cannot wait for better days or better weather.

For example,  Muscle Tension Dysphonia  (MTD)  could easily turn to Spasmodic Dysphonia, (which is definitely not going to be fun), and any growth on the vocal cords such as polyps, nodules, lesions and what have you, could turn into a cancer of throat, especially if emotionally induced. Our non-surgical voice repair method is truly accelerated and we provide the healing of all voice disorders at the speed of light. 

I would like to offer you one of the examples which I cannot forget for, already, a few years now.  I have received an email from a very distraught woman who is a singer/songwriter and a solo guitar player.
This is her story:

Few years before the email to me, she got diagnosed with a polyp on her vocal cord.  She didn't think much of it, as she was busy with her shows and performances. She, of course, felt that her speaking voice and her singing voice was not the same, but she learned how to hide it and how to get around it.

Then, eventually, there came the time when it was not possible to ignore it any longer. Her higher range virtually disappeared and thus she had to transpose her songs two tones down. Her speaking voice started to go noticeably and her singing voice was also reducing its quality and range exponentially.

So she had no other choice but to go to an ENT specialist who ordered an immediate vocal surgery. At that point, she had no other choice but to agree to the surgical interference.

I'm the medical world; it is a protocol to take any removed growth (from any organ, for that matter) to pathology.

When the results came back, they reviled that the polyp, which they have removed, was malignant (cancerous).

With that said if that poor woman would agree to deal with the growth on her vocal cord surgically or non-surgically, nothing like that would have happened.

After the e-mail, we have connected over the phone and mainly have spoken with the husband and not her. When I asked her to pick up the phone (at that point, it was 3 months after the vocal surgery), she still could not speak and was, at best, whispering.

Honestly, I could not understand a word she was saying and asked to put her husband back on the phone with me. After he picked up the receiver, I had to outright tell him that I would not be able to help his wife at this point.

It was simply too late and out of my jurisdiction.

And frankly, in my opinion, anyone else's for that matter.

How sad is that...?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vocal Science. Practice makes perfect… but not always.

Over the years, I have possessed a lot of singers (or wannabe singers), and also speakers who originally came to me for non-surgicalvoice repair to restore their speaking and singing voices.

Now, after certain amount of hours spent with me restoring their voices and re-learning how to really speak and/or sing, they naturally became very excited and began to practice on their own, in spite of my warnings to them to keep it in moderation. 

I do understand that they are very excited to reach the new higher grounds with their speaking and singing voices, but they do not understand that the bad habits, which got them in trouble in the first place, are still there and have been there much longer then the newly – found good habits.

There is a saying: “Bad habits die hard”.  


So what happens is; once my clients start practicing on their own sooner than they were advised, the bad habits kick in and knock down the newly-instilled good habits. 
So the process begins all over again.

We have made three huge steps forward, but unfortunately, one or even two steps back, which obviously had slowed down the process. 

Everybody knows that if the alcoholic, while in recovery, will try just a drop of alcohol, in no time, he will come back to drinking and even heavier than before. 

Also, the person (like myself) trying to lose weight and adopt the new lifestyle, would go to a party and eat some sweets, convincing herself that it will be only for that party time, will come back to eating the wrong foods, which made her overweight in the first place, and which will bring her weight to the same point when she had started, and possibly even higher.

The latest example is our Canadian figure skater, Kaetlyn Osmond who, unfortunately, was sidelined for 6 weeks due to a broken leg.

Prior to that, in September of 2014, she broke her ankle. She went back to the competition and ended up with a broken leg. Just a few days ago after a surgery, she came back to the Canada Skate Competition and ended up landing each and every jump down on ice. 

It was very painful to watch how this young beautiful girl was desperately trying to prove to herself and everybody else that she is OK and healed now and able to meet very high physical demands required by today’s rules and regulations set by the Figure Skating Federation.  
In my opinion, understanding how eager she was to come back to what she does best, she came back too soon not once, but twice, got more injuries and, no doubts, felt humiliated and extremely upset.

Her ankle, and respectively, her leg, simply could not bear the weight of her body. At least not yet. 

In my opinion, she should have stayed off of the ice a little longer to make sure that her leg was completely healed and the strength of the leg and the physical body overall had been fully restored.

The injured, (vocally or otherwise), people should understand that they can not run ”marathons” right after the next day leaving the rehab. Any injury requires proper healing and restoration of the strength of the effected body part and recovery of the entire body as a whole. 

So the conclusion of it is: If the unfortunate president happened, please have patience to fully heal it and also, correct the bad habits which brought you to the injury in the first place. Learn the new healthy habits and store it in memory in such a way that you would not be able to act otherwise.

That will assure and insure your health and longevity… in whatever you do.