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What is Non-Surgical Voice Repair? Let’s Find Out!

- Voice and Vocal Disorders Treatment- Post Voice/Vocal Restoration and Coaching- Mild Voice/Vocal Diseases Cure
We treat and cure most vocaldiseases and disorders. Most disorders are treatable and some of them are even curable. With our Vocal Science Trademarked technique and employment of the, specifically selected, natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, we are able to achieve results like no other! 

How it is done:
The Vocal Science technique has been developed by the world renowned vocal coach, consultant and non-surgical voice repair specialist, Diana Yampolsky.
By utilizing the components of the Vocal Science method, Diana became capable to save the damaged vocal anatomy and restore the speaking and/or singing voice back to normal and beyond.
Using, (developed by Diana), speech and singing exercises, coupled with the certain body movements, she became capable of achieving the voice lift off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords.
The voice, now got restructured to the differen…

How to Save and Protect your Speaking and Singing Voice for a Lifetime!

Speakers and Singers: Can You Hear Yourself Thinking?

Non-Surgical Voice Repair. How Do We Work? What is our recipe for success?

Our recipe for success is the quality of our unique vocal instruction and natural herbal & homeopathic treatments for any of your voice issues.

Our advanced voice healing program is designed to eliminate pain & assure the full restoration of the voice. Vocal Science™ program has not been designed for the digital age and thus, it has to be delivered in an up-close & personal manner.
We have been serving the Greater Toronto area, and the world, for nearly 32 years.
With respect to all of our clients, & especially for our non-surgical voice repair clients, we go Above and Beyond. 

That said it should be clear that something that important, like the well-being of your voice, cannot be attended to, or fixed, remotely. 

Those who do understand will travel to us to obtain our own revolutionary Vocal Science technique, coupled with the specially selected herbal and homeopathic remedies which are specifically designed to treat the particular voice problem.

Our approach is very indiv…

My Recent Trip To The UK: Overview & Voice Repair Case Studies