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Non-Surgical Voice Repair Forensic Voice Performance Analysis

Lately, we are hearing more and more about people’s vocal tragedies.Some of them have been suffering for years with the loss of their regular voice, speaking and/or singing. Majority of them went to all kinds of doctors and specialists and have been diagnosed with all kinds of health problems related or, most of the times, not related to their vocal performance. The loss of their original speaking and/or singing voice had been blamed on all kinds of the person’s internal health. Yes, granted some of the internal health problems may be related to the quality of the voice.
For example: If the person practising an unhealthy diet i.e. consumes a lot of dairy products, that person most likely will possess a lot of mucus everywhere in the body, vocal anatomy included. If the person eats a lot of acidic products like tomatoes, oranges, red meats and others, no doubts this person will suffer from acid reflex.
That said, if they do have a problem with their range and projection of their voice, na…

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