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Vocal Science - S.V.O. (Search Voice Optimization)

Due to the high technological era we are living in, I had to learn a lot, not only about the "human computers" (figuratively speaking), but also about the actual computers. 
I have to note that I am old-school, so to speak, and when I was born in Russia (sometime ago, lol), we did not even have a rotary dial telephone or TV for that matter.
Now due to absolute necessity, I had to "indulge" myself into understanding about new technological devices such as high-tech smartphones and of course the computers with their websites including
newly launched of my own.  Little bit I knew...!

Since my old website was working for over 15 years quite flawslessly, I had no idea what was driving that website and how people were finding me (all of these years I had young computer geeks working for me).  I had to find out the hard way now, as the new website was looking pretty, but nobody could find it.  It took me a month of loss of business to realize that something is not going rig…