Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Vocal Plagiarism" - What's That?
Can We Finally Change the "Vocal Recipe" Which Became too Familiar to our Music Taste?

Working with the producers for over three decades, and especially for the last several years, never ceases to amaze me.

First of all, being a vocal consultant, especially for my clients, and in-studio vocal producer, I'm unable to explain to them that they don't need to autotune or melodine every vocal line, because I am present in the studio for the very reason to pull out from the artist an authentic and the best performance.

Moreover, some of them are playing the role of a song writer or co-writer with the artist and myself.

By the end of the session, I'm beginning to hear a similar tune and/or style, which is already familiar to my ear.

Verbalizing my concern with various producers, I came to the conclusion that music and "vocal plagiarism" is very much so in fashion.  Their belief is that if the certain sound and style is "hot" right now and selling like "hot cakes", why not write and produce something similar, and that also will perhaps be a hot sale...?

I see some trace of logic in it, but where is the originality, the uniqueness and versatility of the music, music style and vocal performance?

No wonder nowadays all the songs are sounding the same and all the artists are sounding very similar. Sometimes you cannot even make a distinction between the songs they're singing and the artists themselves.

In my opinion, it's as good as "treading the water in the toilet bowl and forever not flushing it".

I'm still anxiously awaiting to hear something new, fresh and original and not simulating the same heavy duty, thick and stuttering sound.

However, on a positive note, the artist Adele is definitely standing out from the crowd. She does have an original sound to her voice, as well as undeniable emotion to her performance.

Whichever producers were working on her albums, are absolutely brilliant. The albums are commercially sound, versatile, emotional and original. The only problem is - the cost to Adele's voice.

The outcome of this we already know. But if Adele possessed the right technical merits to her vocal performance, married to the evidently brilliant music and vocal productions, the whole equation would be priceless and very commendable, and to some degree, worth it to be copied.

Let's hope that Adele will have a speedy recovery and will return on stage in a short order to spice up the rest of the vocal performances, and finally bring us to some originality and differentiation between one "vocal recipe" from another.

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